I’m gonna echo Modern’s post on tomorrow’s ODP conference call, and the ensuing June 5 kickoff event this Saturday, and the ad announcing it in our sidebar, neither of which include Lee Fisher or staff from Lee Fisher’s campaign.

Memo to Lee.

Barack Obama IS GOING TO CAMPAIGN for Ted Strickland to be re-elected.  YOU CAN’T AVOID IT.  It must have been odd for all those steelworkers in Youngstown to see Air Force One land in the Mahoning Valley, which Air Force One doesn’t often do, and find that our candidate for US Senate was nowhere to be found, so odd, that the steelworkers stood Lee up at his own steelworker event in Youngstown a week later, forcing media to ask, hey Lee, where are the steelworkers you were supposed to be talking to?  Lee, you may want to avoid being near the President until November, but it ain’t gonna happen.

SO GET OVER YOURSELF, LEE.  As the Democratic nominee for US Senate, you will have to stand next to Barack Obama at some point in the next 5 months.  I realize this somehow conflicts with your campaign strategy at the moment, but now is the time to cashier that stupidity.  That starts with this conference call.  Either you’re a team player, Mr. Cheap Shot On Jennifer Brunner, or you’re not, Lee.  Right now, you ain’t.

I’m not sure why ODP would launch a coordinated campaign, in June, without our US Senate candidate’s participation, other than Lee’s incompetence.  Whatever the reason, it’s moronic.

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