I saw this in today’s Dispatch; Crew: Louisiana’s Garey fumes as oil spills.

An avid outdoorsman, Crew forward Jason Garey loves to spend free time on the Hoover Reservoir fishing for bass, crappie and saugeye.

These days, however, the Louisiana native does more casting with a television remote than a rod and reel. He flips from one 24-hour news channel to another searching for information on the second disaster in five years to hit his homeland.

Watching images of oil-covered wildlife, Garey is filled with pain, anger and helplessness. Just as in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast region, he finds himself hundreds of miles from a disaster that jeopardizes the environment, the livelihood of friends and family, and a way of life he cherishes.

“My wife and I almost started crying the other day talking about the places where I grew up in, places and people who will never be the same again because of this,” said Garey, a 25-year-old native of Gonzalez, La. “It’s hard to accept, and it’s incredibly sad.

It’s a nice little human interest piece that provides some dimensionality to a guy is known to Crew fans only as a player. I don’t know Jason’s politics, but it’s clear he cares. I hope he understands (especially since he seems to have an interest in getting into politics back in Louisiana after his soccer career is over) that a stronger regulatory government agency is the best way to prevent these kinds of disasters. The government is our proxy, and the best way to hold companies like BP to account.

  • brian

    This ecological disaster is unprecidented. However, will someone expain to me how the Gulf Coast states repeatedly elect 'small' federal government politicians? A few weeks ago Haley Barbour opined”Where's the oil?”. Now that we see the total scope, Jindal,Barbour, and their Alabama cohort, want more federal help.
    Louisiana has been in bed with Big Oil for decades. Suddenly that arraingment no longer works.

    All of theses states receive more from the federal government than they contribute. How can you have it both ways? Perhaps the Gulf Coast governors can explain? Bigger government when it's convenient? Please explain.

  • mvirenicus

    i generally don't give the topic much thought but i sometimes wish the south would rise again and secede from the union. let em go. even better, i'd like to see new england, the upper midwest and the west coast secede to join with canada. i'd be so there. 🙂

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