Now I’ve been told that while the Fisher campaign is not going to be represented in the blogger conference call tomorrow, they are participating in the June 5th canvassing program.  Specifically, the Fisher campaign is going to be doing events in Southeast Ohio, which is going to be a critical area for Fisher come the general election.

He’s doing campaign kickoff events in Chillicothe, Athens, and Marietta on June 5th for the coordinated campaign offices.

I regret the error, but based it on multiple sources who had been telling me, for some time, that Fisher’s campaign has been virtually uninvolved in coordinated campaign talks. 

I think its a great idea to have Lee in particular working the SEO region.  It’s Strickland country, so it should be a relatively easy sell for Fisher in that region.  He didn’t carry either Washington or Athens County in the primary.

Fisher should get great small media market coverage in a key battleground area for the general election.

I’ll be honest. I don’t like getting a story wrong, but I’m happy that this one turned out to be one.

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