Is it time to start ResignationPalooza all over again?  Whatever the case, it’s long past time for a little update on all the Bill Mason resignation rumors.

Since ResignationPalooza hit the fan way back in January, I’ve lost count of the people who have come up to me to ask WTF.  Some folks think Plunderbund started the rumors out of whole cloth…nope.  In all cases, people have confirmed that the rumors were out there well before we posted them here at Plunderbund. We just made the rumors public, which in turn sent everyone into a tizzy.

In the meantime, drips keep dripping out of Mason’s Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office, with a big one this weekend dropping on the PD’s Sunday front page above the fold, about Mason hiring one of the Climaco’s just so he could get his state pension.   There’s the new one today, and what seems like at least once or twice a month.  So the ticking keeps right on tockin’.

And did I mention I’m running for county council?  How awesome is that!  I’ll have something to say about the Bill Mason protection racket that is the new county charter, soon.  In the meantime, ResignationPalooza begins anew!