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HuffPo photo FAIL

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Okay, here’s how much of a nerd I am.

Anyone notice anything wrong with the picture in this screen capture from Huffington Post?

Answer after the jump…

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I just read Sabrina Eaton of the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s story previewing John Boccieri’s re-election campaign for the 16th Ohio Congressional District.  And I cannot help but think of the Ohio conservative blogsphere’s hyping of the 6th Congressional race in 2006.

We were told, time after time, that there was no way that the Democrats would hold onto the Sixth Congressional District now that Ted Strickland left the seat to run for Governor.  Charlie Wilson was an unknown in what should be a Republican district.  His campaign was inept (so inept that his campaign manager, Wilson’s son, failed […]

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According to the April 6th, 2010 edition of the Marion Star, John Kasich told a crowd at the Crawford County Republican Party dinner his vision of how government should regulate businesses:

“…[G]et some business people in who will be driving the regulations so we have common sense.”

In John Kasich’s world, business people should drive the regulations that government enforces against them.  Seriously.  Kasich said that to a partisan dinner crowd right around the time a massive explosion killed 25 miners in West Virginia at a mine rife with lax safety and flaunting of safety regulations.  Full Story...

…he canvassed me. One of those 2008 Rush Limbaugh Operation Chaos types who is now on the ODP voter file as a Dem.

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Now I’ve been told that while the Fisher campaign is not going to be represented in the blogger conference call tomorrow, they are participating in the June 5th canvassing program.  Specifically, the Fisher campaign is going to be doing events in Southeast Ohio, which is going to be a critical area for Fisher come the general election.

He’s doing campaign kickoff events in Chillicothe, Athens, and Marietta on June 5th for the coordinated campaign offices.

I regret the error, but based it on multiple sources who had been telling me, for some time, that […]

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I’m gonna echo Modern’s post on tomorrow’s ODP conference call, and the ensuing June 5 kickoff event this Saturday, and the ad announcing it in our sidebar, neither of which include Lee Fisher or staff from Lee Fisher’s campaign.

Memo to Lee.

Barack Obama IS GOING TO CAMPAIGN for Ted Strickland to be re-elected.  YOU CAN’T AVOID IT.  It must have been odd for all those steelworkers in Youngstown to see Air Force One land in the Mahoning Valley, which Air Force One doesn’t often do, and find that our candidate for US Senate was nowhere to be found, […]

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Used to, if you were being interrogated by the police, they had to read you your Miranda rights, and then they could question you until they either essentially got a confession or you invoked your right to have counsel present which pretty much requires the questioning to stop.

Your “right to remain silent” meant you didn’t have to answer the police in a custodial interrogation and if you weren’t under arrest or already incarcerated, you could terminate the questioning by just leaving (which is psychologically difficult to do under the circumstances.)  It, of course, meant that you had to be […]

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The day before the Ohio Senate primary, DailyKos front page diarist (and New Hampshire resident) Laura Clawson, wrote an inflammatory diary slamming Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner because of published comments she made about not endorsing or working to elect Lee Fisher, or any other candidate, as she had pledged she would not do in 2006.

Despite a howl of protests from actual progressives in Ohio who knew better and even after having the candidate herself explain why she had it wrong, Ms. Clawson refused to update her post that alleged that Jennifer Brunner was not a “team […]

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We moved to a different host this weekend. If you care, read the whole post.

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Is it time to start ResignationPalooza all over again?  Whatever the case, it’s long past time for a little update on all the Bill Mason resignation rumors.

Since ResignationPalooza hit the fan way back in January, I’ve lost count of the people who have come up to me to ask WTF.  Some folks think Plunderbund started the rumors out of whole cloth…nope.  In all cases, people have confirmed that the rumors were out there well before we posted them here at Plunderbund. We just made the rumors public, which in turn sent everyone into a tizzy.

In the […]

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I saw this in today’s Dispatch; Crew: Louisiana’s Garey fumes as oil spills.

An avid outdoorsman, Crew forward Jason Garey loves to spend free time on the Hoover Reservoir fishing for bass, crappie and saugeye.

These days, however, the Louisiana native does more casting with a television remote than a rod and reel. He flips from one 24-hour news channel to another searching for information on the second disaster in five years to hit his homeland.

Watching images of oil-covered wildlife, Garey is filled with pain, anger and helplessness. Just as in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf […]

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