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In a blog post written by a Toledo talk radio host for Fox News, John Kasich gets the worst lede imaginable:

If you were to stop folks on the street in downtown Cleveland today, you would find that most people are much more interested in the future of the Cavalier’s star forward LeBron James than in who might be Ohio’s future governor.

Brian Wilson takes about five paragraphs to then put on the usual Fox News b.s.:

Pleased unions then spent millions on ads that hammered Kasich for his post-Congressional, private sector work for Lehman Brothers. Surprisingly, those […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reported that in response to Governor Strickland blaming the Senate (mostly Republicans) for filibustering extending unemployment benefits John Kasich agreed with Strickland.

John Kasich agreed that the Republicans are wrong to oppose extending unemployment.


Asked whether Kasich opposes or supports an extension of unemployment benefits, Rob Nichols, campaign spokesman, said in an email that "John believes that it needs to be extended." He offered no further explanation.

In other news, John Kasich’s campaign will walkback unemployment statement in 3…. […]

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Looks like there may be no statewide issues on the ballot this fall.

Jo Ingles of Ohio Public Radio & Television has been tweeting from the event all afternoon.  Rather than have an expensive political referendum campaign where both parties were uncertain about the result in a politically winner take all, Governor Strickland was able to negotiate a deal between the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Humane Society of the United States, and the State’s Livestock Board.

As a result, farmers are able to continue long standing agricultural practices that they say will not impact their ability to supply […]

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Seriously, this is one of the cleverest ads I’ve seen this year.

Beats Tom Ganley’s owl claws any day.

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Lamenting that reforming Wall Street in the midst of the Lehman Brothers recession as using a nuclear weapon on an ant is as politically tone deaf and stupid as…. oh, I dunno…..

having the shadow chairman of the House Energy Committee, the face of the GOP on federal energy matters, apologizing to an oil company for being forced to set aside money to pay to victims of the biggest environmental disaster in our nation’s history (and perhaps the world?)….

or acting indifferent to whether LeBron stays in Cleveland while running for Ohio Governor?

Not to be left out, House Minority […]

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Did Fox News even do a story about the NRA’s endorsement of Strickland?  I doubt it. 

Meanwhile, Fox News continues to give Kasich, a political candidate, a national platform to run for office.  Maybe he’ll read his book on the air since nobody else is.

Or he’ll talk about UFOs over Lake Erie again.


But you know what he won’t do: explain his tax plan or talk basketball.

And why does John Kasich do so much work in one of the highest income tax states in the nation?  Why does Fox News?  Why did Lehman Brothers?  Oops.  I’ve […]

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PPP also shows Fisher with a statistically insignificant lead in a race that voters just have not engaged due to the overwhelming media (free and paid) coverage going to the gubernatorial race.

Fisher’s seven-point improvement since March comes as 14% of Republicans support Fisher.  Yeah, I did a spit take, too, when I read that.

PPP says that Republicans simply haven’t warmed up to Portman, something that the Quinny data seems to confirm.  However, PPP has party support for both candidates substantially lower (nearly twenty) than what Quinny showed this morning.

PPP also notes that Democrats are just […]

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I thought maybe it’s just because of my person interest in the Governor’s race, maybe it’s because of the rhetorical “fireworks” daily between the Strickland campaign and John Kasich’s NYC satellite office, but today’s Quinnipiac poll contains one clear conclusion about the open seat U.S. Senate race in Ohio:  Ohioans don’t even know that one of the most watched Senate races in the nation even exists.

Rob Portman was once a Chairman of the House Administrative Committee.  He served as George W. Bush’s trade representative and ran the OMB (although Portman doesn’t actually utter the letter “W.” in […]

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The good thing about a statewide poll where you have two largely unknown candidates is that it demonstrates the partisan barometer.  And the Quinnipiac shows that Ohioans aren’t as crazy about Republicans and the Tea Party as Old Media has led you to believe.

The Quinnipiac poll has been the only poll to test Ohio voters attitudes on such things and here’s what it found:

While voters are generally split on their opinion of the Democratic Party, Ohioans have a net negative six point opinion of the Republican Party. Male voters are split on the Republican Party, but have a […]

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Congressman John Boccieri’s Republican opponent announced that he will match dollar for dollar donations made to his campaign until tomorrow night from his “personal fortune.”

How did Jim Renacci make his fortune?

In 1985, Jim entered the healthcare industry, forming LTC Management Services, which owned and operated nursing home facilities throughout Ohio.

That’s right.  Jim Renacci’s “personal fortune” came from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Renacci’s auto dealership accepted money from “Cash for Clunkers,” too.

Matt Naugle has been blasting the SEIU for help funding the DGA’s ads […]

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As you may have seen on our Twitter feedPublic Policy Polling, a Democratic polling organization, also released a poll today on the Ohio governor’s race.

Not surprising, the poll shows the race statistically tied.  However, back in March, PPP showed Kasich with a five-point lead.

Here are some notable figures from the PPP poll:

Since March, the number of undecideds in the race dropped by five points.  Strickland gained four points in the head-to-head.  That means that Strickland largely gained from people coming off the fence as Kasich’s numbers stayed flat.  A trend […]

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