It would not appear that this could get any better. The absolute hilarity and GOP #fail that is America Speaking Out. Get better it does:

“The Microsoft TownHall software, which is the underlying software on which the America Speaking Out website was built, is available at no cost,” Microsoft spokeswoman Sarah Anissipour said in an e-mailed statement. “Customers only pay to host their TownHall solution on Windows Azure, which is available using a scalable, pay-only-for-usage model. The number of people visiting a website does have a direct correlation to Windows Azure usage.” Translated out of P.R.-speak, that means the more people who come and post crazy ideas on the site, the more it costs. Brendan Buck, a House GOP leadership aide, confirmed that Republicans are using Azure to host the site.

So for every gem like this (and there are plenty) the GOP pays more:

I think America would be a better place if Republicans were more liberal and democratic.

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