So pathetic.

  • adrienne

    Hey Guys,
    The first thing I would like to say is COWARD!

    Here is part of my response to Drew Carey that I posted on daily kos…Drew Carey and his “libertarian friends can go to H***”. We had plenty of that duiring the REagan era and here are the fruits of their efforts happening in the gulf. I'm not going with him. He thinks because he has money because again he is lucky that he has money and property that he can sell %100% of nothing like it is something. I will be happy to listen when he moves here and starts a business and hires some people.

    He can also avail himself of a favorable business climate with rich guy welfare oops I mean tax rebates, breaks, cuts, loopholes. He has a cheap labor force at his disposal since we are so under and unemployed.

    Complete nonsense!

  • mvirenicus

    rand paul. ayn rand. i'm so confused.

    who gives a damn what drew carey thinks about anything? the only mention i hear of carey anymore is as a punchline to a joke and usually accompanied by a sigh, right here in his damned hometown.

    btw, i heard radio interviews of several of the attendees at his cleveland spew and they *did* talk about what they heard.

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