I shit you not. This fucker has some onions that’s for sure. “Judge, I’d like you to release my cow kicking and beating ass so I can go beat my own horses and light my cat on fire with lighter fluid”. If you thought dude was mental before, this just ties a nice tight bow on top of that assessment. He says he has some animals to take care of as a reason the judge should let him out of jail:

Plays the disabled veteran card. The law enforcement officer tests to take card. This guy is something else.

Bond was set at $100,000 and this fucker is still in jail. Here’s hoping he’ll get the maximum and spend around 3 years in jail, but I don’t look for that to happen in Union county. I agree with some who say this type of thing should be a felony with serious repurcussions. Billy Joe should have a long way to go in regaining any kind of normalcy in this community.

I held off on posting anything about this mostly because it seems to be self evident. I watched the video late Wednesday night and a range of emotions came over me. Anger at the men (including the owner of the farm Gary Conklin) in the video doing what they were doing, deep sadness for the animals that had to suffer the fates for who knows how long a time period, and pity for a culture that for the most part views animals as widgets in an agricultural machine.

This case pisses me off greatly. One reason I guess is because it is so close to home. Conklin Dairy Farm is 10-15 minutes away from my house. I’ve driven by it several times on my way to west I-70 towards Dayton. When I would pass it I would often think how nice it was that local farms still existed and wondered who they supplied milk to so I could support local businesses and buy their stuff.

That this was going on in my back yard horrified me. The bottom line when things like this come to light so close to home is the need for responsibility. It’s on me now to take action against things like this in my own community. I would like to see 3 very specific things happen:

1. Increased penalties for cases of severe animal abuse. Misdemeanors are not sufficient for what we saw in that video.

2. Real standards for the humane treatment of farm animals. Not the sham we were sold last year in Issue 2.

3. More efforts to know where our food comes from. I’d like to see some legislation that would make public what farms supply other farms and a pixel trail from farm to end products. This would make it easier to hold folks like Conklin Dairy Farms who let this type of thing happen responsible for their actions. I should be able to easily look up online where my food comes from originally.

The reaction from Ohio’s “agriculture community” thus far has been disappointing. While running away from the likes of Billy Joe, they are quick to point out that this is merely an aberration and an isolated incident. It sounds almost like the BP oil exec saying the spill is no big deal. Instead of taking a good hard look at practices in their industry they want us to just move along. Here is our scapegoat Billy Joe. You can have him. Now just move along and drink your milk please.

Sorry. No can do. This is going to have lasting impact. You can’t watch this video and not have it seared into your consciousness and want to do everything you can do to not allow it to ever happen again:

  • Jen
  • Interesting.

    Grassroots Education – Gary Conklin 614.935.2936

    So Ohio Republican leader likes to kick cows. Interesting.

  • mvirenicus

    wonderfully informative and insightful post. you are correct that billy joe bob wannabe cop loser must pay for his crimes but we can't let conklin dairy use him as a scapegoat. folks should contact union county prosecutor and demand that ALL those shown abusing animals in the vid, including gary conklin, be prosecuted!

  • Shameless Agitator

    Their website has been wiped of his name. Anyone grab a screen capture?

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  • Shalom Eric,

    We're not willing to pay the tax money to keep all the people who hurt people locked up, locking up people who hurt animals just isn't going to happen.

    Billy Joe Gregg is not the problem. Gary Conklin and other factory farmers are the problem.

    If we fined Conklin Dairy Farm say $100,000 per incident and used the money to fund true animal treatment reform, we make a bigger difference.

    And, oh yeah, support the repeal of Ohio's shameful Gary Conklin Protection Act of 2009 and put real farm animal protection legislation in its place.



  • mvirenicus

    his name is still there, but his phone number has been disconnected/changed/blown sky high. i wonder why.

  • Trudie

    This man didn't become mentally lacking when he arrived at Conklins.He must have a history somewhere.His stories don't add up, lived in 5 or 6 states, 6 years in the service but also a policeman. He's only 25! Says college to study criminal justice, how ironic! If you have been qualified as a disabled veteran how can you work as police officer?I think the maximum on each of the 12 counts is necessary not only to protect animals but the safety of the community wherever that might be.

  • Trudie

    By any chance did you watch any of the videos that Billy Joe Gregg participated in? To intentionally inflict pain and abuse on any animal purely for fun and amusement is more than a problem.This behavior isn't normal and I feel there has to be more to Billy Joe's illness than just this one situstion.Deal with others in this mess as well but to minimize his horrible actions is so wrong! He should get the max on each of those 12 counts, he needs to be away from any society, animal or human!

  • mvirenicus

    his problem is that he's human. thoroughly despicable species. do you eat meat, trudie? use dairy? if so, you have helped to create this monster.

  • Brendalynne

    This was the most horrific animal abuse video I think i have ever seen, i could not even watch the whole thing. I can not BELIEVE this piece of living trash has the nerve to go in front of a judge and say he has animals he needs to care for!! The best thing for those animals is to be loaded on to a truck and hauled as far away from this piece of scum as they can possibly go!! I hope he gets his ass kicked daily in jail!! I have signed two petitions and will sign all that i can find, I will make it a pesonal vandetta to get as many people to sign as I can. The suffering those poor gentle animals endured makes me sick, sick, sick!!!! He gives veterans a bad name, my son is a vet, he served in Iraq and he is the one of the most caring human beings I know, he adores our pets and he wanted to travel to Ohio to personally kick this guys ass when he saw the video!! I would love to stand outside the court house with a big sign on his court day saying “Smack Billy Joe in the face with a pitch fork” or something much worse/better!! The judge should make him lie down and let all the cows from that farm stampede him, and that wouldn't be punishment enough!!!

  • Brendalynne

    eating meat and using dairy is the problem? I also eat tomatoes but would not condone a tomato farmer being beat mercilessly on a daily basis just because some lowlife reject from society felt like it! And as for being human, I don't know the ones you know but I don't personally know or associate with anyone capable of what Billy Jo did to those cows!!!!

  • Brett

    Right there with you on this one.

  • mvirenicus

    yes, brendalynne, as jeff pointed out this type of behavior on these “farms” is not an abberation. if you eat meat, dairy and eggs, you help create the demand from these institutions where this type of abusive behavior is commonplace. i've been vegetarian for many years but never made the leap to veganism. although i keep it to a minimum, i still use dairy on occasion and hold myself accountable. this is probably the incident that will end my use of dairy for good.

  • Laurel

    I wonder if we should call and/or email the Union GOP to ask if they think it's wise to keep a sadist like Gary Conklin in their organization, especially since he was taped participating in extreme animal abuse and then lied about it in his statement?

  • mvirenicus

    it couldn't hurt, but remember that for most republicans their ideology will trump whatever sense of right and wrong they have: “gary conklin has the right to do whatever he wants with his gawd-given property! this is an ownership society, dammit!”

  • KellyMcVegan


    I just want to say that that I have loved animals, all animals, all of my life. In 2000 I decided to research what takes place on factory meat, dairy and egg farms. I felt like a hypocrite eating a steak or having a burger when I claimed to love animals so much.

    I watched videos very similar to this way back then, in 2000. This is not an isolated incident. After all, what type of person do you think can slit the throats of cows, throw male chicks in a wood grinder, or steal away a newborn calf from it's mother 24 hours after it was born and send it to a veal crate?

    These videos opened my eyes and I made the connection between what I was actually eating when I had that burger, that omlette or that glass of milk. For me, I decided I didn't want any part of abuse, cruelty, or stealing the life of an animal just so I could put something in my body.

    My body is no longer a graveyard. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now. It truly is the best decision I have ever made in life, and I say that knowing I have made a lot of good decisions.

    ~All the best!

  • Amy Skelton

    Well Eric, I am so sorry this horror has happened in your own neighborhood, but in a way, I wish I was you. I wish I had the opportunity to picket outside Conklin Farm and the courthouse. I would be out there every day if I didn't live across the country. I would be sure and let that dairy farm owner know he is as guilty as the rest of them.

  • Twym8

    Just because you oen the property doesn't give you the right to do what ever you want on it. beating an animal for absolutely no reason is wrong no matter where it is. Also it doesn't matter if your republican or democrat, you have your own mind set of right and wrong. What Billy and the owner did on that farm was wrong.

  • mvirenicus

    animals are property under the law. surprise!

  • mj

    First let me say that I rescue Animals and I am all for loading up all of those cows and getting them off that property-unfortunatly I can not do that without following proper procedures. The way “they” are looking at Conklin kicking the down (sick) cow is this… thru the 1950's kicking them was acceptable, in the 1960's people started protesting, things started to change, now we have different ideas about right and wrong, when I have a sick animal I am on my knees checking their eyes, looking at their tongue, really looking at them, talking to them, taking a temp., etc. Time for him to learn how to care for animals. When you own a small business of any kind you know all about that business, right? you have to. To hear that Conklin does not go in his barns so he does not know what is going on, what his employees are doing, I don't think so, and if this IS true, I don't care, it's your business, your responsibilty. Has anyone other than me stopped to wonder why so many dead cow carcuss's were found on the property? Suppose you can not call to have too many dead cows dispossed of because they are going to wonder why you have so many dead animals. Could it be they were beaten to death?

  • Cougar13130

    Make him sit with his friends and family and watch this video, so they can see what kind of demon he is!! Then treat him the same way he treated those innocent cows and calves. They ALL should be punished, from conklin on down. And if he really does own any animals, they should be taken from him and he should NEVER be allowed to have contact with another living creature!!

  • DebBurger

    I can sort of understand those who agree with the Ohio agricultural community: There is no need for laws to cover mere aberations. Similarly, most people do not murder other people, and those who do are mere aberations. Many people believe that we should get rid of the silly laws that make it illegal to murder other people; that we should, instead, self-regulate. Since it is not the norm, let us decry murderers, but do not try to regulate the rest of us. Besides, if self-regulation is good for corporations, it's good for the people.
    But then again, if this is a mere isolated incident, why is the industry so fearful of video-cameras inside facilities that handle animals? If humane treatment were really desired, this would be legally mandated.

  • Abc123

    What I find hard to believe is that this ANIMAL is studying CRIMINAL JUSTICE at Ohio University and is slated to graduate in 2011…

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