I shit you not. This fucker has some onions that’s for sure. “Judge, I’d like you to release my cow kicking and beating ass so I can go beat my own horses and light my cat on fire with lighter fluid”. If you thought dude was mental before, this just ties a nice tight bow on top of that assessment. He says he has some animals to take care of as a reason the judge should let him out of jail:

Plays the disabled veteran card. The law enforcement officer tests to take card. This guy is something else.

Bond was set at $100,000 and this fucker is still in jail. Here’s hoping he’ll get the maximum and spend around 3 years in jail, but I don’t look for that to happen in Union county. I agree with some who say this type of thing should be a felony with serious repurcussions. Billy Joe should have a long way to go in regaining any kind of normalcy in this community.

I held off on posting anything about this mostly because it seems to be self evident. I watched the video late Wednesday night and a range of emotions came over me. Anger at the men (including the owner of the farm Gary Conklin) in the video doing what they were doing, deep sadness for the animals that had to suffer the fates for who knows how long a time period, and pity for a culture that for the most part views animals as widgets in an agricultural machine.

This case pisses me off greatly. One reason I guess is because it is so close to home. Conklin Dairy Farm is 10-15 minutes away from my house. I’ve driven by it several times on my way to west I-70 towards Dayton. When I would pass it I would often think how nice it was that local farms still existed and wondered who they supplied milk to so I could support local businesses and buy their stuff.

That this was going on in my back yard horrified me. The bottom line when things like this come to light so close to home is the need for responsibility. It’s on me now to take action against things like this in my own community. I would like to see 3 very specific things happen:

1. Increased penalties for cases of severe animal abuse. Misdemeanors are not sufficient for what we saw in that video.

2. Real standards for the humane treatment of farm animals. Not the sham we were sold last year in Issue 2.

3. More efforts to know where our food comes from. I’d like to see some legislation that would make public what farms supply other farms and a pixel trail from farm to end products. This would make it easier to hold folks like Conklin Dairy Farms who let this type of thing happen responsible for their actions. I should be able to easily look up online where my food comes from originally.

The reaction from Ohio’s “agriculture community” thus far has been disappointing. While running away from the likes of Billy Joe, they are quick to point out that this is merely an aberration and an isolated incident. It sounds almost like the BP oil exec saying the spill is no big deal. Instead of taking a good hard look at practices in their industry they want us to just move along. Here is our scapegoat Billy Joe. You can have him. Now just move along and drink your milk please.

Sorry. No can do. This is going to have lasting impact. You can’t watch this video and not have it seared into your consciousness and want to do everything you can do to not allow it to ever happen again: