Last weekend at the farmers’ market I was approached by some kids with petitions for the Human Society’s proposed anti-farm animal cruelty ballot initiative. I read the language and decided not to sign it.

This weekend I’m going to be looking for those kids with the clipboards. What changed my mind should be obvious if you’ve been paying even minor attention to Ohio news today

I watched this video this morning and it’s been haunting me all fucking day. I recommend you don’t click through. It’s really difficult to watch.

The video shows Billy Joe Gregg Jr. brutally stomping on a calf’s head with his boots, furiously beating a chained cow in the head with a crow bar and stabbing cows with a pitch fork.

This here is Billy Joe fucking Gregg.

I don’t consider myself a violent person and I generally believe in the two-wrongs-don’t-make-a-right rule but if someone decided to chain this fucking inbred hick’s head to a pole and beat him with a farm tool I certainly wouldn’t stop them.

I don’t believe in Hell, but if it does happen to exist then there certainly is a special place for guys like Billy Joe who torture baby animals for fun.