Last weekend at the farmers’ market I was approached by some kids with petitions for the Human Society’s proposed anti-farm animal cruelty ballot initiative. I read the language and decided not to sign it.

This weekend I’m going to be looking for those kids with the clipboards. What changed my mind should be obvious if you’ve been paying even minor attention to Ohio news today

I watched this video this morning and it’s been haunting me all fucking day. I recommend you don’t click through. It’s really difficult to watch.

The video shows Billy Joe Gregg Jr. brutally stomping on a calf’s head with his boots, furiously beating a chained cow in the head with a crow bar and stabbing cows with a pitch fork.

This here is Billy Joe fucking Gregg.

I don’t consider myself a violent person and I generally believe in the two-wrongs-don’t-make-a-right rule but if someone decided to chain this fucking inbred hick’s head to a pole and beat him with a farm tool I certainly wouldn’t stop them.

I don’t believe in Hell, but if it does happen to exist then there certainly is a special place for guys like Billy Joe who torture baby animals for fun.

  • LK

    Where is this sadistic sociopath now? Is he still in jail? Did he make bail? Did someone hog tie and stomp his skull in yet? Do to him what he did to a newborn calf? Because, while I'm not at all a violent person, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't shed a tear if this evil prick was sent face first into a meat grinder. I'm a parent and I wholeheartedly believe if this monster isn't stopped, his crimes will escalate and he'll target children and other human beings he thinks are weaker than himself. It's only a matter of time. Look at known serial killers. They nearly all (if not ALL) started by torturing animals. And what this fiend did was pure torture. There was so much publicity and outcry over this back in May …. but now what? If this prick is walking among my community, among my family, my friends, and me – something needs to change. Quite frankly, he's probably safer behind bars.

  • Lilo

    I hate Billy J Gregg, entirely, wholeheartedly, with every grain of my being.

  • Carlene… It's coming up in August. The 16th. He faces one felony which would make it impossible for him to become a Police Officer which he has been studying to do. (What a nightmare that would be). His bond is set too high for him to get out of county jail, Yay. This caused him to lose his place in his schooling at the Police Academy. He will probably take a legal stand that he is not mentally accountable. I'ld like to meet him an ally with some duct tape and wire cutters. I'm just saying. Keep an eye out for his trial. And still,,,,, What about Gary Conklin farm owner shown in the video displaying his own brand of cruelty? Who did he pay off?

  • Aid4animals

    This person is trash and one of the worst kind of human (if you can call him that) that walks this earth. Here is a person who has no self esteem and one who cannot empathize with the pain of others. It is a fact that people who abuse animals will abuse the people in their lives. He is a sickness, a deviant, one who can chain an animal by the nostrils and beat it in the head with a crowbar until it bellows in pain. You can hear the bastard talking to the cow as if the cow understood! Unfortunately our laws will not allow us to repeat the same treatment to the perpetrator. Lord knows I'd take the first blow….

  • Roadgirl3

    I am disgusted by this brutality. I can't even imagine how anyone could do this to any living creature. I couldn't watch this after the first 20 seconds – I'm sorry I didn't take the author's advice and not click through. God will deal with this person if no one here on earth has the guts to do so.

  • mvirenicus

    part of the problem with humanity is that too many believe a non-existent sky god will distribute justice in death. here's news: god does not exist. it's time for justice now, here, in the real world. religion is the opiate of the masses.

  • Leonard Brodt

    Whoever abuses an animal cannot occupy a clean position in society ever. Lenny909

  • Reeceptaylor

    INBRED IS RIGHT…this “man” is a monster. I am seriously fucking scarred for life after watching that video.

  • Gayleg

    Hi – I’ve never watched the video – I can’t! I heard the horrified voices of my parents (who love all animals and who own Jersey cows) coming from their living room when the news of this terrible abuse happened. All I’ve seen is a still picture of a closed fist near a holstein calf’s face, and that alone haunts me. Reading about what was done to these animals haunts me still. I was wondering if Billy Joe Gregg was still in jail? It sounds like he is – GOOD! Rot in there you sicko!
    What about the other abusers? Was there anyone else charged? I keep wondering over and over, after this video was released, and if anyone can tell me, did anyone, (vets/animal welfare workers) find the abused animals that are shown (by identifiy markings, etc.), especially that poor little chained up calf that I read about, and medically check to see if they had broken bones in their faces, etc. or sadly, if they need to be put down from the extent of their abuse. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I hope the people of Ohio NEVER forget what happened on this ‘Farm of Abuse’ – so this does not go unpunished – Gary Conklin should be charged too – he is just as much to blame. And, to allow abuse to happen right in front of you to get video so that charges/claims be made…I couldn’t have done it. I would have punched the heads in of Billy Joe and the other abusers. The world is watching Ohio – make an example of these sick humans and please, please, please continue your fight for justice for the innocent animals.

  • Aimee

    I’m not usually violent either, but to hurt an defenseless animal for no reason but for the pure joy of torturing it… thats sick. This is one of those cases where eye for an eye is more than deserved.

  • mvirenicus

    Jerseys are beautiful. Used to see many of them in ohio when I was a kid. Now I hardly ever see them. I guess they’ve fallen out of favor since they aren’t as “productive” as holsteins. The only thing that matters in the states anymore is productivity and profit, in regard to both humans and bovines.

  • Leah

    This crap happens ALL the time in the ‘meat industry’… this ONE act was just fortunate enough to be caught.
    There are MANY-MANY more informational videos (some more in Ohio) that show the same thing happening again and again.

    My gramps owned a farm and I ate meat my whole life until I opened Pandora’s Box-o-meat-industry for store-bought/fast food genre. I assumed all meat came from farms like my gpas. Boy was I wrong…
    Haven’t been able to touch it in years because I don’t trust that my bacon, steak or chicken wasn’t tortured for my tastebuds.

    The only thing that will change the meat industry is MONEY… and KNOWING where your meat/dairy comes from is the start. (That and letting the Humane Society in farm politics.)
    Educating yourself to the disgusting practices and stopping this whole “I don’t want to know” excuse I hear over and over and over again. The’ ignorance is bliss’ mentality NEEDS to stop!!!

    Watch “Food Inc.”… it will help explain what we need to do.

  • Susan

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow man”-St. Francis of Assisi

    I saw the video several days ago. It awakens me each night since I viewed it. This slug (man can’t be the correct word-animal is certainly too good to describe the slug) aspired to the noble profession of Police Officer. Hope these charges (are they a felony in Ohio?) will put a stop to that idea. Imagine being stopped for a traffic violation by the slug. I’m sure the slug would punch you in the face for any violation or maybe the slug would just stop you so he could punch something in the face.

    Gary Conklin (also a slug) and the rest of the slugs who participated in this horrible, digusting exhibition should also be in jail–no bail. Their animals all take from them and sent to a Sanctuary where they will be properly cared for by compassionate care givers for the rest of their lives which should be long and pain free. I do wish a long and painful life to all those involved.

    In addition, the slug has to go to the VA for treatment because he is a disabled Veteran? I think the VA should check out this video–slug doesn’t look disabled to me-looks pretty healthy and strong. I know that all respectable Veterans are ashamed of slug trying to use his service as an excuse to get out of jail. Wonder what he did to the locals while he “served” overseas–if he did serve. Also hope all the animals slug claims he has to care for at home have been rescued and will be put up for adoption to a kind and loving home. I fear for them.

  • This vile piece of garbage needs to rot in jail for the next 20 years!!!! He is sick, he is dangerous and he is vile – to mistreat and abuse innocent, non threatening animals like this is repulsive!!! I really hope karma kicks in and what goes around comes around – I hope he ends up as someone’s bitch in a federal institution!

  • catherine

    This is exactly why there needs to be advocacy for those that have no voice. For those that suffer in silence. This monster is one of many who have committed crimes of violence against animals. Who are so sick and morally bankrupt that no amount of intervention would change them. If it was up to me I would commit this scumbag to 5 years in a big boys prison where he could become his jail mate’s prom date. His actions are indicative of depraved indifference and the only way to stop this monsters is to give them a taste of exactly what he did to those defendless animals.

  • Iluvanimals Cat

    you rock I totally agree I wish I could get my hands on this scumbag. I feel so bad for those poor creatures. I hope they get him in jail

  • Terryandpatty

    Id kick him in the head once and then stopm on it about 30 times , thats justice

  • Liza

    I hope this piece of shit hick gets what is coming to him in prison. What a sick, twisted, demented bastard. Put him in a straight jacket and let him rot in hell. Drop dead Billy Joe.

  • Zeistisgreat

    I want this deranged fuckers head on a platter. There has to be someone out there who will give these cows some justice and torture and slaughter this sadistic piece of human scum!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa/LiberationNOW

    Does anyone know anything new about Billy Joe Gregg, Jr. ? He should be released from prison in the next few weeks if he was only doing time for the cruelty charges. There was nothing in the news about the felony weapons charge, whether he got time added for that or not. I want to keep tabs on this MOTHER f’er. I hope he NEVER can find a job, any job. If anyone knows anything PLEASE email me @ He will NEVER leave my thoughts.

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