From the daily archives: Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last weekend at the farmers’ market I was approached by some kids with petitions for the Human Society’s proposed anti-farm animal cruelty ballot initiative. I read the language and decided not to sign it.

This weekend I’m going to be looking for those kids with the clipboards. What changed my mind should be obvious if you’ve been paying even minor attention to Ohio news today

I watched this video this morning and it’s been haunting me all fucking day. I recommend you don’t click through. It’s really difficult to watch.

The video shows Billy Joe Gregg Jr. brutally […]

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Bill Todd and his erect arrows fail to defeat incumbent Franklin County GOP Chairman and his limp arrows.

Bill Todd loses another election… this time among the GOP faithful.

I think it’s safe to finally say his short-lived political career is over.  It’s becoming embarrassing for the guy.

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