It’s not often you’ll find someone at this blog agree with Republican Secretary of State candidate Jon Husted.

As I mentioned earlier, during the Senate’s “debate” over the confirmation vote for Cathy Collins-Taylor, Republican Senator Karen Gillmor took the floor and passed all bounds of human decency and professionalism.? As recounted by the Columbus Dispatch:

?A national hero, John Glenn and his wife, who are in their 80s now and are lovely people,? Gillmor said. ?They are in the Governor?s Residence having dinner and there are inmates around. And then we have the governor?s chief of staff, and there are many reasons why it is a good thing that John Haseley is not the father of any of my children, but I?ll tell you he?s very lucky I?m not the mother of his 8-year-old daughter who he took to the governor?s mansion for dinner with the Glenns and the inmates. What are you thinking??

In order to score some cheap partisan points, Karen Shillmore stood in the well of the Senate and attacked another person’s fitness as a parent for the shameful decision of having dinner with the Governor, the First Lady, American hero John Glenn and his wife, Annie.

I don’t know how much time Karen Gillmore has spent fantasizing about having John Haseley fathering her children, but perhaps she should fantasize about being a decent human being first.

After the confirmation vote, Jon Husted issued this statement:

?I know that sometimes in the heat of the moment of our debate that remarks in this chamber can come out in a manner that may seem harsh or go beyond what one?s intent is. I would not want to leave this chamber or anyone watching the proceedings with the impression that Mr. John Haseley, the governor?s chief of staff, is not both hard working and, most importantly, a good father. I know that we disagree on the proper course of action from time to time around here but we all do it with what we believe is in the best interest of the public and our family?s interest in mind.?

I know John Haseley from my days in working for then-Congressman Ted Strickland.? I don’t know a more genuinely nicer person, dedicated father, and dedicated public servant.? I was outraged at Gillmor’s statement and the utter lack of reaction from Senate President Bill Harris not to rule Gillmore out of order then and there.

If Karen Gillmore had any decency, she’d publicly apologize to John Haseley for her uncalled for remarks.? If she doesn’t, then the Senate should protect the decorum of its chamber and censure or reprimand her.

Oh, and I did I mention that Karen Gillmore has had her kids at the Governor’s Mansion on multiple occasions while inmates were working there?

Yeah, I cannot believe she’d make such an utterly false statement and not expect anyone to catch it.

Senate Republicans like Gillmore must be soulless partisan animals.? I cannot understand what would make anyone attack someone as a parent simply to score a cheap partisan political point.