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Because it’s awesome, that’s why:

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What happens when you don’t have an agenda with which to fight the godless communists who have taken over our country?

Apparently you ask the Internet for one.

What happens when you ask the Internet for one?

The Internet pwns you, that’s what. Oh and we all get a side of LOL fantastitude.

Enter one America Speaking Out. Here is what John Boehner thought would happen:

“I would expect the ideas that come out of this Web site and the involvement of our members will lead to ideas that we can attempt to implement today,” […]

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Funny you should ask.

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It’s not often you’ll find someone at this blog agree with Republican Secretary of State candidate Jon Husted.

As I mentioned earlier, during the Senate’s “debate” over the confirmation vote for Cathy Collins-Taylor, Republican Senator Karen Gillmor took the floor and passed all bounds of human decency and professionalism.? As recounted by the Columbus Dispatch:

?A national hero, John Glenn and his wife, who are in their 80s now and are lovely people,? Gillmor said. ?They are in the Governor?s Residence having dinner and there are inmates around. And then we have the governor?s chief of staff, and […]

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From the Columbus Dispatch‘s Daily Briefing blog:

Strickland didn’t have an answer today when asked by a reporter whether he would reappoint Charles as inspector general if given the chance.

“I think that?s a hypothetical question that I choose not to answer at this time,? the governor said.

Thomas Charles, who’s already a double-dipper who is collecting a state retirement pension while drawing a paycheck, should be planning his retirement party.

Strickland just reappointed Cathy Collins-Taylor and publicly expressed his sadness in how Cathy Collins-Taylor.

Charles will probably be announcing his retirement before the end of the year.

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The Congressional Budget Office was required, by law, to issue a report that reported on the effectiveness of the federal stimulus (the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”) on employment and economic output in the first fiscal quarter of this year.

You can read the full report here.

Here’s what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded the federal stimulus did:

Raised the real gross domestic product somewhere between 1.7 to 4.2 percent; Lowered the unemployment rate somewhere between .7 and 1.5 percent; Increased the number of Americans employed by somewhere between 1.2 to 2.8 million; Created 1.8 million to […]

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A diversion from my for work trip last week.

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As Laura Bischoff of the Dayton Daily News?noted on the DDN‘s blog, a year ago during the height of the credit crunch, Governor Strickland and Huntington Bank announced that the State of Ohio and Huntington Bank were teaming up to commit $1 billion in small business loans in Ohio over the next three years.

Today, they announced that over 2,000 small to mid-sized businesses have benefited from the nearly half a billion in loans the partnership has already generated. These were loans that due to the credit freeze caused by the recession, these businesses would not otherwise get.?


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Apparently, shortly after Senator Bill Grendell and Senate President Bill Harris were celebrating their successful implementation of “no confirming anyone we’ve already used in a partisan attack ad” Senate President, Governor Strickland announced some new appointments.

He nominated the Director of the Ohio Department of Youth Services to serve as Director of Public Safety.

Oh, and he named some woman named Cathy Collins-Taylor to the Ohio Parole Board.

Ha.  I like this Strickland fella.

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