Oh man do I have a lot to say about dirtbag GOP lawyer Bill Todd’s latest foray into County Politics.

I really, really, REALLY do have a lot to say but for now I think this image from his first piece of extremely long and overly complicated campaign literature does a pretty good job of summarizing his disastrously awesome plans for the Franklin County GOP should he ever become chairman…

I’ll have more to say about all of these points in the next few days, but please just take a look at bullet point three for now and try not to wake up your sleeping spouse/parter/cat with laughter when you read that Bill Todd’s big plans to elect more Republicans in Franklin County Ohio involves forming a coalition between the African American community, Hispanics, College Kids, Glen Beck Devotees and Tea Party “Patriots”.

It seems EXTREMELY fucking unlikely that Todd could ever muster up even the most basic support most of those groups listed. And the dream of bringing all of them together under one big tent is beyond laughable.

But I will make this promise: If BT can show any support from any of the non-traditional Republican demographics that he claims to want to “reach out to” – specifically African Americans (and no, Ken Blackwell’s endorsement does not count) and Hispanics – then I’ll personally send him a check.