The Senate Republicans asked that the State Senate go into a “half hour” recess before taking up the final major piece of business scheduled for the day: the confirmation vote of Ohio Public Safety Acting Director Cathy Collins-Taylor.

Gee, why would the Republicans take a sudden, unexpected, and longer than scheduled recess before the vote?

Could it be that they suddenly realized that they may not necessarily have the votes to defeat Collins-Taylor’s nomination?

Collins-Taylor began the morning with at least three of the five Republican Senate votes they needed.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that even Chairman Grendell admits that the confirmation vote will be close, but he stopped short of saying she has any chance of being confirmed.

This kind of reminds me of the extended voting that the Republican Congress had to use to twist enough arms to get President Bush’s Medicare prescription drug benefit.

So far, nobody in the media has noted or commented on the extended recess that’s already gone twice as long as scheduled.