So, this morning I saw this ad twice during the “Today” show:

Not a bad ad.? And I was impressed that it manages to run twice during a highly watched “broadcast” national morning news show as well which gives it already more market penetration than I saw in the earlier Strickland campaign ad or the RGA’s response.

Of course, any time a union weighs in on a political campaign, there has to be a Republican screaming bloody murder.

This time it’s Ohio Republican Chairman Kevin DeWhine who accuses Governor Strickland of money laundering:

The $448,000 in negative attack ads that mega-union AFSCME launched today against Ted Strickland’s opponent John Kasich will be paid for with up to $2.25 million from Ohio taxpayers that the union will start receiving later this year thanks to executive orders signed by Ted Strickland.

“This is money laundering on a level that would make a drug dealer blush,” said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine.? “In letting his union friends organize self-employed workers whose customers pay them with their state benefits, Ted Strickland has done nothing more than give his political attack allies the keys to Ohio’s bank account.? I suppose it looks a little better than if he used a state check to pay for the attack ads himself, but the practical effect is the same.”

On February 1, 2008 Strickland issued Executive Order 2008-02S allowing Ohio’s 7,500 self-employed private-sector child care workers, whose customers pay with state-subsidized funds, to join labor unions. AFSCME Ohio Council 8 organized these workers and Strickland signed the first collective bargaining agreement in January.

Got that?? DeWhine is alleging that the State, under Governor Strickland, is engaged in criminal money laundering because it collects the dues for its public sector members (or as the State of Ohio refers to them as “employees”) that eventually go to pay for this attack ad and other union activities.? Oh, and this was all part of a plan that was hatched back in 2008.

Kevin DeWhine should be ashamed of himself.? He’s trying to attack a union because it (shock!) is supporting the re-election of a candidate that has support them on matters of public policy.? (Of course, I should mention that the ad is sponsored by the national AFSCME, not just the Ohio chapter.? I bet there’s all sorts of pro-union votes in Congress that Strickland made that was why the national chapter would support.? I bet there’s also all sorts of anti-union votes in Congress Kasich made as well.? This, however, hardly makes a case of money laundering.)

Because that just sounds silly on its own, DeWhine goes for the crazy and calls this criminal money laundering.? It’s libelous what DeWhine is saying.? And it’s a pathetic and shameful response that DeWhine should walk back immediately.

I just cannot believe the over-the-top blubbering we’re hearing from the Republicans every time the words “John Kasich” and “Wall Street” are mentioned.? I think the Strickland campaign has obviously found a pain point on the Kasich campaign.? They start bawling like babies every time anyone so much as brushes past it. The overreactive whining and moaning every time someone just mentions what John Kasich did for the past eight years is just a sad and pathetic response.

Wow, Ted Strickland, a Democrat, signed an executive order that allowed more people to organize in unions, so two years later that union has come forward to support that official for re-election.

Oh, do pass the smelling salts, my dear, I believe Chairman DeWhine is getting just a terrible bout of the vapors…

If John Kasich’s tenure at Lehman Bros. wasn’t believed to be a political lodestone around his neck, I’d doubt we’d hear DeWhine whine so much about it.

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