Today, the State Senate will vote on whether or not to confirm Cathy Collins-Taylor as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.? Most people, including Collins-Taylor’s lawyer Rocky Saxbe has publicly declared the confirmation battle a likely lost cause given that the RGA already had an ad ready to go on the air referencing Collins-Taylor the morning after the Senate committee confirmation vote.

However, sources close to the “whip count” being done on Collins-Taylor behalf indicates that it may be a much closer vote than people realizes. Multiple sources who spoke on the condition that they be anonymous and that we wouldn’t actually name the Republican Senators before those Senators publicly declared their vote have informed us that at least three Republican State Senators have indicated that they can be counted on to support Collins-Taylor’s confirmation.

That would leave Collins-Taylor needing only two more Republican votes to be confirmed.? These same sources indicated that there is a sufficient number of Republican State Senators who indicated that they are still undecided on how they will vote today.

Meanwhile the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police is allegedly warning the State Senators that it intends to use how the State Senators vote as part of the organization’s legislative scorecard which could affect F.O.P. support in the fall or the future.

I still believe that the Ohio Republican Party, as a whole, is too heavily invested in making this nonscandal that they cannot let Cathy Collins-Taylor win a confirmation fight.? At worst, the final vote is going to be closer than people I think expected.? And the only bipartisan vote is going to be the vote for her confirmation.

The Republicans abuse of their majority status in the State Senate might be what is necessary to finally get people interested in helping the State Senate Democratic Caucus elect more Democrats to the State Senate.? Maybe.? I hope.