Remember how the Carpetblogger predicted that a supposedly cash strapped Democratic Governors Association wouldn’t want to invest early in response to the RGA’s modest ad buy (which at last count was half of the size of the ad buy by the Strickland campaign)?


According to Politico, the Democratic Governors Association has lead the charge to form the independent expenditure group “Building a Stronger Ohio.”? They are sponsoring the same ad that AFSCME has running now.? According to the Rothenberg Report, the DGA has invested $1.5 million into Building a Stronger Ohio with the American Federation of Teachers chipping in another $200k.? Their initial ad buy was roughly $300k.

Of course, this has the Carpetblogger freaking the heck out.

Kasich needs to tell his story. Explain his successes.

You mean like successes like how Kasich invented Google?