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Oh man do I have a lot to say about dirtbag GOP lawyer Bill Todd’s latest foray into County Politics.

I really, really, REALLY do have a lot to say but for now I think this image from his first piece of extremely long and overly complicated campaign literature does a pretty good job of summarizing his disastrously awesome plans for the Franklin County GOP should he ever become chairman…

I’ll have more to say about all of these points in the next few days, but please just take a look at bullet point three […]

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15 votes in favor; 18 against.  Apparently, two of the GOP Senators who had privately committed to vote for Cathy Collins-Taylor reneged.

Cathy Collins-Taylor loses due to not getting three GOP votes.  Senators Bill Seitz and Kevin Coughlin were the only GOP Senators to vote yes.

I’d be stunned if the RGA hadn’t already aired an attack ad before the confirmation vote over the issue.

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Faber is still bloviating about the “document dump” but ignores the actual facts surrounding it that the Inspector General forced the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety into a document dump.

I’m starting to wonder if this debate is going this late because a) the State Senators aren’t just used to this kind of attention; or b) there’s a custody fight over the fifth possible GOP vote.

Faber is just full of shit.  I mean they are still crying about the Inspector General without actually pointing out that the criticisms, all of them, have been objectively proven time and time and […]

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Meanwhile, Jim Heath at ONN News reports that a Republican Senate source claims that she may have the five GOP votes she needs.

You can watch the debate live NOW!

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The Senate Republicans asked that the State Senate go into a “half hour” recess before taking up the final major piece of business scheduled for the day: the confirmation vote of Ohio Public Safety Acting Director Cathy Collins-Taylor.

Gee, why would the Republicans take a sudden, unexpected, and longer than scheduled recess before the vote?

Could it be that they suddenly realized that they may not necessarily have the votes to defeat Collins-Taylor’s nomination?

Collins-Taylor began the morning with at least three of the five Republican Senate votes they needed.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that even Chairman Grendell […]

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Remember how the Carpetblogger predicted that a supposedly cash strapped Democratic Governors Association wouldn’t want to invest early in response to the RGA’s modest ad buy (which at last count was half of the size of the ad buy by the Strickland campaign)?


According to Politico, the Democratic Governors Association has lead the charge to form the independent expenditure group “Building a Stronger Ohio.”? They are sponsoring the same ad that AFSCME has running now.? According to the Rothenberg Report, the DGA has invested $1.5 million into Building a Stronger Ohio with the American Federation […]

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I first saw this at Rothenberg, the hint of the DGA coming out with a response to the RGA ad. It’s a good one. No people at a lunch counter. Just hit after hit defining Kasich the same way Strickland did in his big speech. Kasich = Wall Street values. Strickland = Ohio values.

No clue why the DGA didn’t put out an embeddable one so it could go viral online, so I captured it and put it up on the PB YouTube account. Feel free to spread the love:

The group behind the ad is […]

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So, this morning I saw this ad twice during the “Today” show:

Not a bad ad.? And I was impressed that it manages to run twice during a highly watched “broadcast” national morning news show as well which gives it already more market penetration than I saw in the earlier Strickland campaign ad or the RGA’s response.

Of course, any time a union weighs in on a political campaign, there has to be a Republican screaming bloody murder.

This time it’s Ohio Republican Chairman Kevin DeWhine who accuses Governor Strickland of money laundering:

The $448,000 in negative […]

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Today, the State Senate will vote on whether or not to confirm Cathy Collins-Taylor as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.? Most people, including Collins-Taylor’s lawyer Rocky Saxbe has publicly declared the confirmation battle a likely lost cause given that the RGA already had an ad ready to go on the air referencing Collins-Taylor the morning after the Senate committee confirmation vote.

However, sources close to the “whip count” being done on Collins-Taylor behalf indicates that it may be a much closer vote than people realizes. Multiple sources who spoke on the condition that they be anonymous and […]

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Dear Harriet Applegate

On May 25, 2010 By

You are aware that Massimo’s is probably more wired than a guy trying to quit cigarettes on his fourth pot of coffee?

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