The Carpetblogger is becoming so predictable that I now only need to read him to confirm what I expected he’d say.

Today, in light of further evidence that Ohio’s economic recovery is gain steam and creating jobs, Keeling engages in his most tried and true tactic: history revisionism.  When the facts no longer support your argument, Keeling pivots, and denies that his camp ever made the argument in the first place.

Today, Jon Keeling claims that John Kasich never blamed Governor Strickland over the job losses in Ohio:

In other words, the top two elected officials in Ohio the past four years said they were in charge of bringing jobs to Ohio.

What happened? Ohio lost over 400,000 jobs.

Does that mean all those lost jobs lost were Strickland and Fisher’s fault? Of course not. And Kasich and Portman have never said as much.

Ohioans haven’t lost over 400,000 jobs under Strickland, unless you exclude the jobs that were created last month.  John Kasich and his astroturfing surrogates like Jon Keeling just lost one of their talking points, and they aren’t ready to give it up simply because it isn’t true. However, it’s the mere fact that this had been one of their major campaign talking points is what has frustrated me over the Kasich campaign’s utter lie that they haven’t been running a negative campaign from Day One.

But to say that Kasich has never said that Strickland was responsible is just as equally dishonest.  Even before Kasich announced that he was running for Governor, he’s had a campaign website with this thing:

Kasich Blame Strickland Clock

The campaign even has a link to where you can download it as a badge on your website.  What it apparently lacks is the ability to update the clock when the numbers start to go down, like they’ve been doing for the past three months.

I cannot even recall the last time Jon Keeling, any Kasich supporter, or the candidate himself has even mentioned his income tax repeal plan.  Now, we see Keeling trying to do a whitewash on Kasich’s attacks on Strickland over jobs.

Kasich has no plan for Ohio.  He has no plan to create Ohio jobs.  At best, he has a bunch of tried and discredited conservative platitudes that have been proven, time and time again to be disastrous policies for Ohio.

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