The Dayton Daily News asks “Is Kasich overstating his role in Google deal?”? Do you even need to read the article with a headline like that?

Only if you enjoy watching a key claim of John Kasich’s candidacy be slowly torn apart.

Awhile back you might recall a young imp named John Kasich – who has been utterly secretive about working for a company that became the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history and the chief domino in the economic meltdown that Kasich now claims he can fix – was telling folks one of the things he did help do was take Google public.

Yes, as a means to present his economic, job-creating bona fides, John Kasich claimed he was responsible for one of the biggest IPOs in recent Wall Street history.

Guess what?

John Kasich had virtually nothing to do with Google going public.

According to the DDN:

“Google hired 28 underwriting banks with Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston as the lead underwriters and Lehman coming in fifth in the pecking order, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.” (emphasis added).

Yeah, but I’m sure that someone from Lehman Bros. viewed that fifth place underwriting status as still a significant contribution to the Google IPO and will explain how important they were in the process right?

Kasich?s former boss at Lehman Brothers, Gary Weinstein, said the company ?didn?t play a significant role? in Google?s Initial Public Offering, or IPO.

Hey, Weinstein, what kind of banker was John Kasich when he came to Lehman Bros.?

Weinstein said Kasich knew nothing of banking when he arrived at Lehman fresh off his 18 years as a Congressman from Ohio.

?It was tough going in the beginning because he didn?t know anything about Wall Street or investment banking. So we spent hours with me tutoring him,? Weinstein said.

Wow. So I guess the fact that he used to be a powerful Chairman of a Congressional Committee had nothing to do with Lehman Brothers’ decision to hire such an unqualified person to open up and run your new Columbus office which seems to have been created solely as a means to give Kasich a nice place to trade in his Committee gavel.? And I guess it’s still an utter coincidence that you guys decided, shortly after Kasich joined the team, to approach him to use his political celebrity as a means to pitch services to Ohio’s pension funds?

John Kasich was a relief pitcher on a Class A farm team now trying to take credit for winning a World Series he never played in.? Nobody should be surprised that Kasich has tried to take claim for something he played a bit role in.? It’s in his narcissistic DNA.

I mean, we ARE talking about the same John Kasich who claims his 1997 federal Budget Act was responsible for a stretch of economic prosperity that actually predates the Act itself, right?

The same John Kasich who claims to have been responsible for federal budget surpluses that would have happened anyways even if the Congressional Republicans had passed the budgets introduced By President Clinton without making any changes to them?

John Kasich has made a career of writing checks his resume can’t actually cash.? This is just another example.

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