I love living in Columbus. I really do.

It’s a great town in a so many ways. The music scene. The restaurants. The parks. The people.

Everything, except of course, the local newspaper.

Don’t get me wrong, The Dispatch doesn’t do everything wrong. But when it comes to politics they tend to suck a good deal of the time. Especially compared to some other Ohio papers. The Dayton Daily News immediately comes to mind.

I mention this specifically because today’s political coverage in the two papers couldn’t have been any different.

The Dispatch ran this piece today that questioned whether Chief Justice Eric Brown might show favoritism toward one of his 3,900 Facebook friends.

I do have to give James Nash credit for taking a silly, unimportant fact about Justice Brown and writing a whole article about it. Hey James: If this whole political reporter thing doesn’t work out there are definitely opportunities for you in the world of lazy partisan political blogging. I’ve certainly done my share of it. While I’d love to say I expect a little more from my hometown paper, this is pretty standard stuff for the Dispatch. All headline, no content.

Enter Jack Torry of the Dayton Daily News.

The DDN’s entry into today’s political story cage match is titled “Kasich and Portman need to fire a response before hope is lost” and there really is no doubt who wins in this battle. The DDN article could win just by the title, but it doesn’t stop there. It kicks off like this:

In this election year with the peasants revolting and the politicians terrified, there are two things you probably don?t want to be if you are running for office: The first is a former executive for a Wall Street investment bank; the second a onetime adviser to former President George W. Bush.

And it just gets better from there…

Kasich essentially has said that he phoned in sick during the years he was at Lehman. If you can find any mention of Lehman Brothers in Kasich?s biography on his website, you get a prize.

It is just as challenging to find Bush?s name on Portman?s website. Portman notes that he was budget director and trade representative, but never reveals who hired him. Was it Bush? Clinton? Reagan? Or as Democratic consultant Jerry Austin quipped, ?It probably was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.??

Amen, brother.