From the daily archives: Monday, May 24, 2010

I love living in Columbus. I really do.

It’s a great town in a so many ways. The music scene. The restaurants. The parks. The people.

Everything, except of course, the local newspaper.

Don’t get me wrong, The Dispatch doesn’t do everything wrong. But when it comes to politics they tend to suck a good deal of the time. Especially compared to some other Ohio papers. The Dayton Daily News immediately comes to mind.

I mention this specifically because today’s political coverage in the two papers couldn’t have been any different.

The Dispatch ran this piece today that […]

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In today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer story about the debate over the enabling legislation to regulate the newly state constitutionally created casinos, we see the GOP Jon Husted decrying policies to encourage labor and minority hiring:

Winning the support of minorities was crucial for the passage of last fall’s Issue 3, which will bring casinos to Ohio’s four largest urban areas.

Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert and Penn National Gaming, the entities that control the four gambling sites, knew it, too. They personally targeted NAACP leaders across Ohio, promising jobs, which earned them an endorsement from the […]

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Coda Automotive, which plans to commercially sell an all-electric car later this year, has announced plans to construct its battery manufacturing plant in Columbus, the Columbus Dispatch reported today.

The plant would create an estimated 1,000 jobs.  However, Coda announced that it is relying on being awarded financing by the U.S. Department of Energy for much of its plant’s start up costs.  The State’s Controlling Board must also approve an incentive package as well.

Kevin Czinger, Coda’s chief executive, views the battery as the most important technology in the vehicle. The debut sedan will have a range of […]

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Today, Governor Strickland announced a partnership with General Electric and the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation to develop the first fresh water offshore wind farm in North American.  Gov. Strickland made the announcement at the American Wind Energy Association’s annual WINDPOWER Conference in Dallas:

Ohio’s greatest potential for creating wind energy is offshore in Lake Erie, and this partnership marks a significant step forward,? Strickland said.  ?In Ohio, we have all the right assets to make offshore wind energy successful, including an innovative workforce and the manufacturing strengths that would allow us to build all the component parts for wind […]

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The Carpetblogger is becoming so predictable that I now only need to read him to confirm what I expected he’d say.

Today, in light of further evidence that Ohio’s economic recovery is gain steam and creating jobs, Keeling engages in his most tried and true tactic: history revisionism.  When the facts no longer support your argument, Keeling pivots, and denies that his camp ever made the argument in the first place.

Today, Jon Keeling claims that John Kasich never blamed Governor Strickland over the job losses in Ohio:

In other words, the top two elected officials in Ohio […]

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On Friday, Ohio made national economic news as the leading state in job creation in April for the nation.? 37,000 new jobs were created last month alone.

Our state’s unemployment rate only dipped .1% of a percent, though, and returned to the same rate as in February.? So, that’s not great news, huh?

Actually, it’s great news… so long as you aren’t John Kasich if you look at the trends.

Month Change in Nonfarm wage and salary employment from prior month Ohio Unemploy. Rate January ’10 – 12,800 10.8% February ’10 + […]

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The Dayton Daily News asks “Is Kasich overstating his role in Google deal?”? Do you even need to read the article with a headline like that?

Only if you enjoy watching a key claim of John Kasich’s candidacy be slowly torn apart.

Awhile back you might recall a young imp named John Kasich – who has been utterly secretive about working for a company that became the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history and the chief domino in the economic meltdown that Kasich now claims he can fix – was telling folks one of the things he did help […]

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