Governor Ted Strickland is traveling to Dallas, Texas on Monday to attend the 2010 American Wind Energy Association Annual Conference.? The Governor’s office has told the media that Governor Strickland will be announcing a “groundbreaking announcement regarding offshore wind energy in Ohio” during his panel discussion with Iowa Gov. Chet Culver and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr.

Under Governor Strickland’s leadership Ohio has become the leading manufacturer of wind energy components in the nation.? Within the next year, Ohio will have seventy times more commercial wind turbines constructed in the State than when the Governor took office.

A survey last year by the U.S. Department of Energy found that Ohio’s wind energy potential had been grossly underestimated, particularly off the shores of Lake Erie.

In other news, the legislature is poised to reach an agreement ironing out the differences between a House Democratic bill and a Senate Republican bill that ends the tangible property tax that has created a disincentive for alternative energy development in Ohio before the state legislature recesses for the summer.? However, the Cleveland Plain Dealer concedes there are wide differences between the two bills:

The Senate legislation funnels the tax break to projects from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal but also extends the state handout to clean coal, advanced nuclear and co-generation projects.

A similar bill still parked in neutral in the House’s Ways and Means Committee is cleaner and greener — it only grants the tangible personal property tax cut to wind and solar energy companies. While majority-party House Democrats are standing firm, saying they only want wind and solar energy to be eligible for the tax break, time is running out to hash out a deal before summer break is due to arrive in mid-June.

You may recall that the Governor called for a repeal of the tangible property tax to benefit wind energy during his State of the State address.

If you’re Green Party gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak, all this is nothing more than further evidence of how much Governor Strickland favors dirty coal and nuclear power over cleaner, renewable energy.

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