If Kasich’s professional astroturfer from Virginia can only grade it a “B,” then maybe this RGA is worse than I though it was. 

Naugle calls it lame because, and I quote:

Maye [sic in original] the bar was set high with images still floating in my head of Senate candidate Lee Fisher shirtless and masturbating.

Which is funny because Naugle first tried to defend (his) ad by claiming that it was “silly” to suggest that the ad was trying to make it appear that Fisher was masturbating…  But whatever, Naugle’s an idiot who can’t keep track of what he just wrote a few weeks ago.  We all knew that.

I think Mark Naymik though hit the nail on the head of the biggest problem with the ad:

In its first television ad on behalf of GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, the Republican Governors Association attacks Democratic Governor Ted Strickland for … well .. attacking.

The ad buy is roughly half the size of the initial Strickland buy.  And it’s probably been a few weeks since anyone saw that Strickland campaign ad.

After further reflection, it’s an odd response.  It doesn’t even respond to the Strickland’s campaign central message that Kasich’s pro-Wall Street Congressional record puts him out of touch of Ohioans values and needs.

The ad reeks of pundititis: it’s pointing out the kind of “insight” only political insiders and pundits would care about– that for Strickland to start contrasting himself with Kasich shows he knows he has a political fight on his hands.

Most people aren’t even going to get the Tobaccogate reference because we just don’t have that big of an audience.  I’ve yet to have a single person casually bring it up in political conversations.  And the issue is so hotly contested that it’s not as easy of a punch as the Republicans would have liked it to be.

In the end, we’re left with an ad that criticizes Governor Strickland that only 3% of Ohioans blame him for– the loss of jobs caused by a global economic meltdown– on a day when one of the strongest pieces of evidence that we’re seeing a steady economic recovery in Ohio that’s leading the nation.

John Kasich was hoping he’d be elected Governor over jobs even though he has no jobs plan.  When you don’t even have a “Plan A,” what do you do when it’s starting to look like you need a “Plan B?”

  • Maybe he thinks we're still watching wrestling – or was that Portman who said we're watching wrestling? I guess I must be watching too much wrestling or else I'd know who said we're watching too much wrestling.

  • modernesquire

    Howdy, Stranger! Or should I say Councilwoman Stranger?

    It was Kasich who said Ohioans are too busy watching the WWF (althought it's been the WWE for, like, a decade) to pay attention to his plans so that's why he doesn't talk about him yet.

  • john_edwards

    Even if it completely sucked, the commercial was still free for the Kasich campaign. Ted bought a bunch of ads, while Kasich continued raising money — and as far as I can tell, you guys think the two ads were a draw.

    I would also note that you brilliant political analysts have now written four or five blog posts on one dumb tv ad. Looks like it's not just Ted Strickland who's worried.

  • Easy. I think the carpetblogger may be looking to move to Cbus. Your outlandish charges that Jon Keeling sits in an office in Virginia while pretending to be an Ohio blogger may soon no longer stick!

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