The Republican Governors Association is joining John Kasich’s “why is Ted Strickland attacking me” pity party with a new ad. I heard it’s just running in the Cleveland area right now. Probably a good move on their part since it’s a pretty poor response to Ted’s aggressive early campaigning against Kasich.

Instead of a kitchen table they’ve decided to set their “overheard conversation between two hard working regular folks” commercial at a diner. Innovative!

After exchanging small talk about how the Governor lost jobs and screwed up the budget Jane Everywoman adds: “I read that his aides lied to investigators.” Which, I assume, is a reference to the “troopergate” non-scandal that Modern has been debunking since the begining.

I guess Ms. Everywoman must be a big reader of carpetblogger and former Kasich staffer Jon Keeling’s craptastic blog because it’s about the only place you’ll find it.

If reading something in a biased blog post is all the evidence necessary for including it in a political ad then I sure hope the Democratic Governors Association is reading Plunderbund on a regular basis.