I’m insanely busy right now, in another country, and not paying one iota of attention to Ohio politics.? But this RGA ad is that bad.

First of all, who the fuck is this chick in the ad? Do you have a brain, lady?? Does she even know where her script came from?? “I heard Strickland’s aides lied to investigators”?!?!? This is a line in a TV ad?? Political ads in Ohio are now reduced to Matt Naugle’s wet dreams put to words and music?? Complete with hot chick to make all those teabaggers teabag each other to climax?? Am I still on earth?? Or did we just enter some fifth dimension where wingnut bloggers go to masturbate?

John Kasich really is done.? Put a fork in him.? I’ve seen vapid political campaigns in my time, across the spectrum, at every level of insipidity, but John Kasich’s campaign for governor is so empty of thought or substance, it reaches the sublime.

So empty, that Kasich’s campaign itself heralds the death of MSM in Ohio. That this ad, and the basis for it, can be concocted from whole cloth in Tom Charles’ basement based on a sad grudge match over his wife, pitched to a set of twitching bloggers whose grip on sanity is in question even from Republicans’ themselves, from there pounded into Joe Hallet’s head until it reaches end-of-the-world style coverage, which then morphs into a hearing that is such a show trial Stalin himself would blush…and not one newspaper in Ohio has noticed.

You gotta hand it to Republicans.? They could sell sand to a man dying of thirst in the desert, and claim it was water.? And Ohio media are the one’s buying. ? That’s why we are in the state we are in – voters rely on media to tell them when a carbolic smokeball of puffery is being shoved in their faces, and in Ohio, media have failed so utterly in this duty that we now have what may be the most Platonic form of horseshit peddling in all of human history passing for political discourse.

When I get back to the States, I’ll explain how this all ties in with Rand Paul, but in the meantime….wow.

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