John Kasich likes to portray himself as the “jobs” candidate.? Every where he goes, every speech he gives, he tries to say the word “jobs” every sentence.? Like a modified Rudy Guiliani every audible sound from John Kasich’s lips are “Noun, verb, and jobs.”? That is, of course, when those lips aren’t being rented by David Brennan and the White Hat Managment, for-profit charter school lobby.

We knew the Kasich, though, was silent on one aspect of jobs: what plans he has to actually create any.

It’s been a curious malady that has struck the poor boy wonder of Washington into a practical mute.

And, apparently, is a progressive disorder (can Republicans get progressive medical conditions?)

Because it’s spreading.

Today, the U.S. Department of Labor released the April jobs report and it found that Ohio lead the nation is new jobs created last month.

So where’s “Jobs” Kasich on today’s job report?

I looked at his campaign website, but there was no comment there…

I looked at his Twitter feed, but no comment about the jobs report there, either.

Facebook????? Nada.

Wait, I bet like the Oracle of New Media, John Kasich has talked to us from that ethereal white room on the YouTubes…..? (In all fairness, John Kasich is so white that he tends to blend into an all white room, so I lost like half an hour thinking white paint was him before I realized….)? he wasn’t there either talking about jobs.

What happened to him?? Is he okay?? Has he disappeared like all mentions of his income tax repeal?? If you’ve seen John Kasich, please call his campaign office, they and the media cannot apparently cannot find him for comment.

Either that, or John Kasich is just the cheerleader for failure we all saw him to be.

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