Boy, it’s a good think Senator Jimmy Stewart (R-Athens) voted the way he did, or else the RGA would have some serious egg on its face.? I mean what with them already with an attack ad mentioning Collins-Taylor the morning after the committee vote and all.

Pretty insightful, those D.C.-beltway ad producers were.? How they were able to shoot an ad already in the can before the vote, how they just happened to make a statewide ad buy to air the moment after the committee voted and all.?

I mean, they’re really fortunate that Grendell just randomly decided he needed to cut his witness list off, constantly cut off Democratic members question, exclude witnesses that corroborated Collins-Taylor’s story, all so he could get the committee vote done in time for the evening news and the RGA ad premier the next day.

Damn lucky of them.? What with Sen. Stewart claiming how he was undecided at noon just yesterday, but apparently overwhelmingly impressed with how Craig Mayton accused Cathy Collins-Taylor of obstructing an investigation by doing what he personally told her in writing to do and how he rightfully justified excluding exculpatory evidence about her because the I.G. office’s wasn’t investigating who made the decision to scale back the sting and why, even though that somehow became the major focus of the report’s conclusions.

Yep, ol’ Jimmy Stewart must have been impressed with Mayton’s inability to respond to widespread criticisms of the report.? Because if he had voted to confirm her, boy, wouldn’t John Kasich and the RGA look silly this morning…

I mean he must have been swayed by the evidence because it’s entirely impossible to believe that all these things happened because Republicans in Columbus knew what the content was of the RGA’s ad that was already shot and ready to air this morning.