From the daily archives: Friday, May 21, 2010

Governor Ted Strickland is traveling to Dallas, Texas on Monday to attend the 2010 American Wind Energy Association Annual Conference.? The Governor’s office has told the media that Governor Strickland will be announcing a “groundbreaking announcement regarding offshore wind energy in Ohio” during his panel discussion with Iowa Gov. Chet Culver and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr.

Under Governor Strickland’s leadership Ohio has become the leading manufacturer of wind energy components in the nation.? Within the next year, Ohio will have seventy times more commercial wind turbines constructed in the State than when the Governor took office.

A […]

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John Kasich likes to portray himself as the “jobs” candidate.? Every where he goes, every speech he gives, he tries to say the word “jobs” every sentence.? Like a modified Rudy Guiliani every audible sound from John Kasich’s lips are “Noun, verb, and jobs.”? That is, of course, when those lips aren’t being rented by David Brennan and the White Hat Managment, for-profit charter school lobby.

We knew the Kasich, though, was silent on one aspect of jobs: what plans he has to actually create any.

It’s been a curious malady that has struck the poor boy wonder of Washington […]

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If Kasich’s professional astroturfer from Virginia can only grade it a “B,” then maybe this RGA is worse than I though it was. 

Naugle calls it lame because, and I quote:

Maye [sic in original] the bar was set high with images still floating in my head of Senate candidate Lee Fisher shirtless and masturbating.

Which is funny because Naugle first tried to defend (his) ad by claiming that it was “silly” to suggest that the ad was trying to make it appear that Fisher was masturbating…  But whatever, Naugle’s an idiot who […]

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From the Middletown Pulse Journal:

Cates doesn?t believe more government is the answer to Ohio?s economic woes. Instead, he believes in free markets and a limited government.

?Government does not create jobs, people create jobs,? Cates said. ? … We can?t be all things to all people.”

?Just keep the hope. And I mean this with a lot of my heart ? pray,? [State Rep. Courtney] Combs said.

Well, to give him credit, Combs’ “plan” is more detailed than anything the Kasich campaign has offered so far.

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Listening to the philosophical argument that was advanced by the Republican candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky, I couldn’t help but notice a certain symmetry.

What’s the practical difference between the arguments Rand Paul put forth as to why the nation’s civil rights acts in the 1960s, the Americans with Disability Act, and the Fair Housing Act all should have avoided regulating private economic behavior and Mike DeWine’s , the Tea Party version, “constitutional” arguments against the health care reform bill?

There is none.

And yet, the Ohio media has reported, without question, DeWine and Republican legislative leaders’s […]

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I’m insanely busy right now, in another country, and not paying one iota of attention to Ohio politics.? But this RGA ad is that bad.

First of all, who the fuck is this chick in the ad? Do you have a brain, lady?? Does she even know where her script came from?? “I heard Strickland’s aides lied to investigators”?!?!? This is a line in a TV ad?? Political ads in Ohio are now reduced to Matt Naugle’s wet dreams put to words and music?? Complete with hot chick to make all those teabaggers teabag each other to climax?? Am […]

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On second thought, maybe the RGA DID get the timing off.? While they got the timing of the confirmation vote correct, they kind of missed that today was the day April’s jobs report would be released.

According to the Rupert Murdoch’s owned Wall Street Journal, the socialist Pravada of the American left:

Ohio added the largest number of jobs, 37,000, followed by Pennsylvania with 34,000 new jobs and New York with 32,700 jobs.

Ohio added the most jobs in the nation.

Hey, man, nice shot!

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Boy, it’s a good think Senator Jimmy Stewart (R-Athens) voted the way he did, or else the RGA would have some serious egg on its face.? I mean what with them already with an attack ad mentioning Collins-Taylor the morning after the committee vote and all.

Pretty insightful, those D.C.-beltway ad producers were.? How they were able to shoot an ad already in the can before the vote, how they just happened to make a statewide ad buy to air the moment after the committee voted and all.?

I mean, they’re really fortunate that Grendell just randomly decided he needed […]

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The Republican Governors Association is joining John Kasich’s “why is Ted Strickland attacking me” pity party with a new ad. I heard it’s just running in the Cleveland area right now. Probably a good move on their part since it’s a pretty poor response to Ted’s aggressive early campaigning against Kasich.

Instead of a kitchen table they’ve decided to set their “overheard conversation between two hard working regular folks” commercial at a diner. Innovative!

After exchanging small talk about how the Governor lost jobs and screwed up the budget Jane Everywoman adds: “I read that his aides lied to investigators.” […]

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