From The Other Paper:

The grandstanding might ultimately backfire.

?The confirmation hearings have turned into what they?ve turned into today because, well, I?m not in charge of those hearings,? said Sen. Seitz, taking a swipe at Grendell. ?But we?re having these hearings to determine whether someone is fit to serve in office.?

Lyndsey Teter also caught this gaffe by Grendell:

Wednesday morning, the Republican chairman overseeing Taylor?s confirmation hearings accidentally stated the obvious:

?The goal is to make these hearings go on as long as possible,? said Sen. Grendell. The Republican from West Chester meant that the Senate Judiciary Committee would get as much testimony crammed in during a busy day at the Statehouse as possible, but accidentally hinted that part of the strategy might be to keep the eyes and ears of the public on these matters for as long as possible.

And that’s why we’ve had a parade of nine witnesses, a vast majority of whom have no actual knowledge about Cathy Collins-Taylor, the person who’s appointment is supposed to be being considered.