Here’s what Deputy Inspector General Craig Mayton, one of Charles’ staff lawyers, just testified to according to the Columbus Dispatch:

Mayton says that based on the weight of the evidence, the decision to cancel the operation ?was made by the director.? (emphasis added.)

First, let me remind everyone that the Inspector General publicly accused Cathy Collins-Taylor of criminal perjury for denying that she had made the decision to scale back the “raid.”

Second, let me also point out that this is the weakest statement of confidence by anyone in the Inspector General’s office, and it just happens to be the only one issued under oath.

Third, the “greater weight of the evidence” is fine if you’re suing someone because their dog bit you or they didn’t pay you what you’re owed.? That’s great if you’re going on “Judge Judy.”

However, it’s nowhere close to sufficient to prosecute someone of a crime, which requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt.? The Deputy Inspector General just testified that the Inspector General’s criminal allegations against Cathy Collins-Taylor isn’t strong enough to prosecute her.? Wow.

But beyond just that, it’s the first acknowledgement by the Inspector General of what I and other Charles critics have been saying about this report since it came out:? It cherry picked the data and failed to report the existence of evidence contrary to their conclusions.? Anyone who read Charles’ report would know it didn’t have the kind of qualifiers Mayton is clearly trying to put on it now.

(Now, I dispute that the greater weight of the evidence does support the I.G.’s conclusions, but Mayton’s statement is the first time that anyone in the I.G.’s office has qualified their conclusions with anything less than absolute certainty.)

Mayton just admitted, for the first time, that there is evidence out there that they found that contradicts their findings.? That there could be “reasonable doubt” about their conclusions.? In other words, those of us pointing out the flaws in the report do have a point and have all along.? By saying their conclusions was based on the greater weight of the evidence, Mayton just lowered his report into one versus several other equally valid and reasonable interpretations of the evidence.

Given that he’s likely the last witness for the hearings, this is not exactly the kind of ending Grendell was hoping for.