The Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee is made up of 6 Republicans to 3 Democrats. Chairman Grendell made a motion to recommend against confirming Cathy Collins-Taylor to remain as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  It almost failed.

By a 5-4 vote, with Republicans Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati), voting with the Democrats, the Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee barely passed a motion recommending to the full State Senate that she not be confirmed.

This after two days of hand picked witnesses by Chairman Grendell, who mostly called witness who had no first hand knowledge about the nominee to provide to the committee.  Meanwhile, half of the witnesses who did have first-hand knowledge, but would likely have corroborated Collins-Taylor’s testimony were denied any opportunity to be heard.

On top of it all, we had the Deputy Inspector General admitting to more flaws and errors in their report, to the point where he even testified that they didn’t even investigate why the sting was scaled back, than we’ve ever even realized.

This is political bullshit.  And everyone knows it.

Bill Seitz isn’t going to change his vote on the full floor vote.  Cathy Collins-Taylor’s nomination still goes to the full Senate for consideration.  She needs to pick only four more GOP votes to win confirmation despite Grendell’s show trial.

I hope the editorial writers of Ohio take a real hard look at this hearing.  This is a political farce.  She didn’t lie, she didn’t obstruct.  She’s nothing more than a victim in the Senate Republicans’ attempt to score some election year points for John Kasich.  It’s an outrageous abuse of their power, and they should be ashamed how they conducted themselves.