Notice the relative silence by Matt Naugle and the Carpetblogger over a “scandal” a month ago they promised would result in Kent Markus wearing prison garb.

Now, they’re conceding the possibility that nobody, and I mean nobody (myself included), thought was possible just a few days ago:

Cathy Collins-Taylor might receive a majority vote of the Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee.

I don’t think this is actually going to happen.  The Senate Republicans have invested too much politically into Troopergate only to see the 5-3 controlled Senate committee go 5-3 in her favor.  If that were to happen the rest of the GOP Senate caucus would be hard pressed to vote against the Senate committee’s recommendation.

After all that’s what these hearings were really supposed to do.  Grendell could have just simply called a roll call vote with no testimony like every other confirmation has been done in the past.

But he, and I think the GOPers not on the committee, wanted to create something other than the Inspector General’s report that the rest of the GOP caucus could defer to justify their no vote.

If that was the case, it’s the biggest strategic blunder since the creation of the Maginot Line… much for the same reasons.

Just how bad have the hearings backfired?  Matt Naugle isn’t even covering it today.  He’s practically distancing himself from the story he essentially created out of smuggled tobacco leaves.

The Carpetbloggers is already spinning how politically great it would be to have her confirmed.  A month ago Kent Markus was going to jail and Cathy Collins-Taylor would be forced to resign rather than face an unwinnable confirmation battle.  Today, it’s how great it is for John Kasich that a majority of a Republican controlled Senate committee might vote in favor of her confirmation.  Funny how stories change with the times.

The Dispatch notes that after the lunch break that Grendell announced that he is “trying to shorten” the hearings.  I guarantee, it’s not because he thinks he scored a political home run.  He hasn’t.

Not a single media report out of the committee noted a single instance in which Grendell’s committee caught Cathy Collins-Taylor on a “lie” or an instance in which she personally was involved in “obstructing” the investigation.  In fact, the hearings have been mostly devoid of testimony on those issues.

Maybe two Republicans on the Committee vote to endorse her.  I think everyone has come to the expectation that Bill Seitz is going to.  He just needs one more Profile in Courage.

And this whole thing ends.