From the daily archives: Thursday, May 20, 2010

Apparently, as part of the backlash to the Muhammad episode of South Park, folks – many of them Humanist or atheist – have elected to make today “Draw Muhammad Day”, and run around creating chalk graffiti on the ground of Muhammad in protest to the fact that Muslims take offense to it because – and I agree with this assessment – it’s pretty silly to find a depiction of Muhammad offensive.

However, I find this method of reaction silly at best, and incredibly tone-deaf, insulting, and destructive at worst.

It’s one thing to support the right of satirists to do […]

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The Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee is made up of 6 Republicans to 3 Democrats. Chairman Grendell made a motion to recommend against confirming Cathy Collins-Taylor to remain as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  It almost failed.

By a 5-4 vote, with Republicans Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati), voting with the Democrats, the Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee barely passed a motion recommending to the full State Senate that she not be confirmed.

This after two days of hand picked witnesses by Chairman Grendell, who mostly called witness who had no first hand knowledge about the nominee to […]

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Here’s the last nugget as reported by the Dispatch’s blog of Mayton’s testimony:

Sen. Kearney is pressing Mayton as to why certain emails were not included in the report. Collins-Taylor?s office put out its own 26-page report to refute the inspector general?s conclusions, and it included some emails it said was omitted. Mayton said some of the emails were not included because they dealt with implementation of the plan, not the decision to cancel the sting. (emphasis added.)




Wait, what?

Mayton said some of the emails were not included because they dealt with implementation of […]

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Deputy I.G. Craig Mayton has finally explained why it appeared the I.G.’s office only publicly released transcripts of certain witnesses to the media.

It’s because the I.G.’s office decided to not only not transcribe all of the witness’ testimony, but it also decided not to record some of the witnesses testimony at all.

Well, that would explain why Charles’ office hasn’t released the transcript of his office’s interview of the inmate at the center of this tobacco smuggling sting.  Of course, it kind of begs the question of whom chose which witnesses’ statements were preserved, which were the also transcribed […]

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Here’s what Deputy Inspector General Craig Mayton, one of Charles’ staff lawyers, just testified to according to the Columbus Dispatch:

Mayton says that based on the weight of the evidence, the decision to cancel the operation ?was made by the director.? (emphasis added.)

First, let me remind everyone that the Inspector General publicly accused Cathy Collins-Taylor of criminal perjury for denying that she had made the decision to scale back the “raid.”

Second, let me also point out that this is the weakest statement of confidence by anyone in the Inspector General’s office, and it just happens to […]

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The Dispatch is reporting that Deputy Inspector General (formerly of former Republican A.G. Betty Montgomery’s office and a GOP donor) Craig Mayton’s has testified about how the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety “obstructed” his investigation by producing 40,000 largely irrelevant documents.? I’m waiting to see if Mayton is asked about these letters which shows that Mayton himself was responsible for the massive production of irrelevant documents.

Here’s what Mayton testified to:

He said the department delayed handing over records, and then dumped 46,000 pages, most of which was useless and irrelevant, including more than 1,000 pages […]

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Notice the relative silence by Matt Naugle and the Carpetblogger over a “scandal” a month ago they promised would result in Kent Markus wearing prison garb.

Now, they’re conceding the possibility that nobody, and I mean nobody (myself included), thought was possible just a few days ago:

Cathy Collins-Taylor might receive a majority vote of the Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee.

I don’t think this is actually going to happen.  The Senate Republicans have invested too much politically into Troopergate only to see the 5-3 controlled Senate committee go 5-3 in her favor.  If that were […]

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From The Other Paper:

The grandstanding might ultimately backfire.

?The confirmation hearings have turned into what they?ve turned into today because, well, I?m not in charge of those hearings,? said Sen. Seitz, taking a swipe at Grendell. ?But we?re having these hearings to determine whether someone is fit to serve in office.?

Lyndsey Teter also caught this gaffe by Grendell:

Wednesday morning, the Republican chairman overseeing Taylor?s confirmation hearings accidentally stated the obvious:

?The goal is to make these hearings go on as long as possible,? said Sen. Grendell. The Republican from West Chester meant that the Senate […]

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Despite subpoenaing 11 witnesses and “inviting” four more (including the nominee), Chairman Grendell announced this morning that he’s going to call only five witnesses today.? Of those witnesses, only one of them actually has first-hand knowledge of Cathy Collins-Taylor’s level of involvement in the decision to scale back the planned tobacco raid operation at the Governor’s Mansion.

Curiously, although Grendell has frequently admonished members not to disparage the professionalism and integrity of public servants (particularly, when such “criticisms” involve Inspector General Thomas Charles), he’s spent much of the morning blasting Lt. Mannion, the head of the Governor’s protection […]

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