He’s literally becoming Ohio Department of Public Safety Acting Director Cathy Collins-Taylor best ally.  His over-the-top and ridiculous criticisms are publicly demonstrating that she will not get a fair hearing by Grendell before the hearings have even started!

Here’s Grendell’s reaction, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch to yesterday’s ODPS report on the Inspector General’s report.

Grendell had a different take: “It’s a sad day when the Department of Public Safety has to spend 26 pages trying to explain the conduct of their personnel.”

For the record, it took Thomas Charles’ office 48 pages (not counting exhibits) to try to make the case against Cathy Collins-Taylor.  Also, for the record, I cannot find any press comments by Chairman Grendell lamenting the fact that it took the Inspector General that many pages to try to explain his investigation…. or that the Inspector General has issued countless more pages since STILL trying to explain his investigation.

If this is the best response Grendell can muster to this report, its an indication that Chairman Grendell has no substantive defense to the numerous errors, both factually and legally, and the incredible and yet unexplained outright omissions of evidence and deliberate misrepresentation of facts that the ODPS detailed are throughout the Inspector General’s report.

But on a more important note, it’s pretty telling that the Chairman of the committee holding hearings to supposed get the “truth” about this matter is blasting the agency for creating a report to help the Committee to do just that, isn’t it?  I mean the ODPS isn’t trying to spring this on anyone.  They issued a report as early as they could so that the public and members of the Senate confirmation committee could get a better sense of both sides of the story.  Only Chairman Grendell would find an effort to present the nominee’s side of the story… abhorrent.

Grendell apparently has no sense of irony, either:

Grendell, who held previous hearings on the contraband drop, said he is surprised how the issue snowballed. “The more this started rolling, the more strange and inconsistent the answers are. It’s created much more material for the committee to consider than I ever thought we’d be dealing with.”

This coming from the chief snowball maker.  The only thing strange and inconsistent is Thomas Charles’ report when compared to Thomas Charles’ evidence.  Grendell may be the only person besides Thomas Charles who still hasn’t gotten that.

As for the House Democrats bill to create a process that details when and how the Inspector General should recuse himself in the future when he has a conflict of interest?

Grendell called the bill an attempt to “misdirect the public” that erodes confidence in the inspector general.

And yet, the first order of business this morning for Chairman Grendell before starting the confirmation hearing is to hear sponsor testimony on Senator Goodman’s bill to mandate changes to the inmate work program at the Governor’s Mansion.  Again, the man is just oblivious.

Grendell isn’t going to even call Thomas Charles, the Inspector General, to testify about the report that Thomas Charles issued, oversaw the investigation, and oversaw the drafting of the report.

And why isn’t Grendell doing that?  The most likely reason is because Charles knows that he would certainly face questions about the propriety of him being involved in an investigation that he has publicly admitted he had an obvious ethic conflict of interest.

Tim Grendell hasn’t even banged the opening gavel of his hearings, and in one newspaper story alone, he’s proven what a complete and utter farce he’s conducting.