Tim Grendell has demonstrated that he is willing to go to any lengths to try and smear Cathy Collins-Taylor.  He’s even willing to try and sandbag her nomination with ridiculous new charges based on nothing more than hearsay.

Grendell called Earl Mack, an Assistant Director at the Ohio Department of Homeland Security as a surprise witness.  Mack’s testimony was that Ohio Department of Public Safety Cathy Collins-Taylor, personally, wanted classified report on the Governor’s Mansion security given to Charles in the hopes he would leak it to expose him to federal criminal prosecution.

HOWEVER, as WBNS 10 noted in its Twitter feed, Mack then backtracked and testified that his boss did not tell him that DIRECTLY… whatever that means.

So what we have is an allegation whose sole evidence is double hearsay removed and based on the witnesses perceived understanding of an implied meaning.

What the media also better report is that there’s no way that such a plan could have worked as it would have exposed the ODPS itself to criminal prosecution, while leaving no criminal charges against Charles at all.

Think about it for just a second.

Charles couldn’t be prosecuted for having classified information, but the people who provided to him could have.  It’s about the most counterproductive plot ever alleged.

And did I mention that there’s no evidence of it but the double implied hearsay of one witness, who had to admit that the plot was never executed?

In fact, so flimsy is this plot that Earl himself conceded that the feds would have likely investigated the people who gave it to Charles, not Charles.

In the end, Grendell’s silver bullet was a dud.

What’s even more shameless is that Grendell himself had leaked this testimony to the media to the usual anti-Strickland bashers earlier.

Paul Acker of WBNS actually tweeted about it before Mack even testified… twice.

Tweet #1Aker Tweet 1






Tweet # 2Aker Tweet 2







Since Grendell has hand picked the witnesses for the committee, especially today’s “surprise witness,”  the only Senate source for Aker is Grendell.

Timothy Grendell has move beyond the weeds of tobacco-gate.  He’s now presenting witnesses testifying on matters they freely admit they don’t have first-hand knowledge about on things that no court of law would allow a witness to testify on.

Timothy Grendell just offered an accusation that required a double-hearsay inference as fact.  Stop reporting that he’s got an open mind on this.  He’s conducting a witch hunt that know no limits.