Goodman is attacking the Director for attacking the Inspector General claiming that in “the boss” dispute that she wasn’t clear in her answer.  However, Goodman falsely suggests that’s what the Inspector General said.  What the report actually said was that she refused to acknowledge that the term “boss” meant Governor when she actually had.

Even in the portions of the transcript of Cathy Collins-Taylor just read on that subject, Goodman noted that she used the term “him” as the boss.

In other words, Goodman was wrong on both counts.  Charles did not criticize her for giving an unclear answer, he claimed that she refused to acknowledge that when she said in an email from former DRC Chief Terry Collins said “boss” he meant the Governor.  The second aspect is that her further answer isn’t as confusing as Goodman is feigning.

Charles wasn’t blasted unfairly.  There are huge factual errors in the report that the Republicans on the committee are trying to get by simply saying its unfair to criticize Charles.