It took five hours after the hearings began before the first witness who actually ever talked in person with Cathy Collins-Taylor about the planned tobacco raid was called.?

Granted there was a State Senate session today, but the Dispatch‘s live blog would seem to indicate that only was responsible for roughly two of those hours.

The witness was former DRC head Terry Collins who testified that he called Cathy Collins-Taylor, and Lt. Henderson, and told them in no uncertain terms that the alleged contraband in the plot was likely tobacco, not drugs.

Collins also testified that it was not his understanding that the decision to scale back the operation was made by Friday night or even by Cathy Collins-Taylor (No relation.)

Which is interesting because the Inspector General pretty much hung their hat that the decision was made on Friday because they claimed that’s what Collins understood.

Score another questionable conclusion raised about the I.G. report.? Oh wait, the Republicans said we can’t mention problems about Charles’ report.? It’s Republican “Don’t Point out the Obvious Problems” Day.

Second trivial fact of the day: Channel 10 WBNS apparently stopped tweetering about the hearing at the conclusion of Earl Mack’s testimony that their own Tweets indicated they were tipped off by a “Senate source” who knew what the witness would say… in which the only person on the Senate commitee who could possibly know that was Chairman Grendell… which makes this the worst execution of a secret identity since Superman put on glasses, looked into the mirror, and thought “this is going to work out totally fine.”

Sup Kent