A little late, folks.

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the House Democrats will announce today legislation “that specifies when the inspector general must recuse himself from investigations. Some critics have pointed out Charles? connection to the Ohio Highway Patrol ? his wife, Bridgette, is a patrol captain and he had recommended her boss for the superintendent’s job.”

Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro has come out publicly to support the confirmation of Kathy Collins-Taylor as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. 

?Information reported by the media has raised troubling questions about whether the findings of the Inspector General?s report match all the evidence brought forth during the investigation,? Cafaro said. ?The hearings need to clarify how the Inspector General reached his conclusions and how members of his staff conducted the investigation.?

I’ve heard that the Ohio Highway Patrol has already sold the movie rights.  For legal reasons, they’ve changed the location and some facts.  Here’s the opening scene:

“Listen here, meow.”