So they’ve announced a Call to Action on Facebook to lobby Republican members of the Senate to support Cathy Collins-Taylor:

We cannot let the distinguished career of a law enforcement officer, mother and administrator be besmirched by a sloppy investigative report and a partisan, political hearing with a predetermined outcome. We must make our voice heard!

We need you to call the Senators below and tell them that you:

1. Support the confirmation of Cathy Collins-Taylor as the Director of ODPS
2. Oppose the Republican effort to politicize her hearings

Senator Tim Grendell – (614) 644-7718
Senator Jim Hughes – (614) 466-5981
Senator David Goodman – (614) 466-8064
Senator Jon Husted – (614) 466-4538
Senator Bill Seitz – (614) 466-8068
Senator Keith Faber – (614) 466-7584
Senator Karen Gillmor – (614) 466-8049
Senator Kevin Coughlin – (614) 466-4823

Let us know in the comment section when you call!

I’ve got to say that I think Goodman and Grendell are lost causes.  However, I would encourage you to call or e-mail your State Senator, especially if you are represented by a Republican State Senator.

You can find your State Senate on this map at the State Senate’s website.