In 2007, newly minted State Auditor Mary Taylor broke a Republican taboo, she finally reported how White Hat Management gamed the “for-profit” charter schools system by engaging in “abusive business practices” like, paying board members multiple times for one meeting, etc.

After today’s published reports over a number of charter schools filing suit challenging the constitutionality of a statute that gives companies like White Hat Management the legal right to replace a charter school board that votes to end its contract and seize the schools’ textbooks and classroom equipment, ProgressOhio is asking for Attorney General Richard Cordray and the Inspector General to investigate White Hate Management.

“For a decade now, Ohio politicians have turned a blind eye toward the management of For-Profit Charter schools while news reports have indicated funds have not been flowing to the classroom,” said Brian Rothenberg, Executive Director of

“Use of state education dollars is meant for educating children in the classroom,” said Rothenberg. “For some time now there has been increasing concern that taxpayer money is being siphoned out of the classroom for the benefit of politically connected for-profit Charter School owners. These accusations are serious and require the Ohio Attorney General and Inspector General to separately investigate White Hat’s use of state funds.”

The bill that allows White Hat Management the ability to seize the charter schools’ property if their contract is not renewed, even if the charter schools had purchased the equipment with its own taxpayer provided funds, was passed in the final month of a lame duck session of the General Assembly in 2006 and signed into law one week before Gov. Strickland took office, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

To the surprise of nobody, White Hat Management’s executives have been major donors to the Kasich-Taylor campaign, as they’ve been to all other prior Republican causes.? In fact, the lame-duck bill that gave White Hat Management so much leverage over the for-profit charter schools was authored by Ken Blackwell’s running mate, who also received considerable support from White Hat’s execs.

John Kasich has praised from for-profit charter schools:

On education, he argued that dollars should follow the student. He supports educational vouchers and charter schools as a way to put pressure on public schools so they?ll make necessary changes. ?It isn?t money, it?s results, and we need to drive them,? he said. ?We need more choice. We need innovation.?

From?David Brennan’s wallet to John Kasich’s mouth.? He wants to give David Brennan more of the “market share” of building Florida mansions in Naples with tax dollars meant to educate children.

John Kasich claims that he stands up against special interests and against corporate welfare.? Well, David Brennan has provided him a great opportunity to prove it.

We’re waiting, Congressman.