The Akron Beacon Journal editorial board has not entirely weened itself off the Kool-Aid Thomas Charles has been peddling in the so-called “Troopergate” matter, but they’re still able to recognize the fundamental problems with the confirmation process as demanded by Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee Chairman Timothy Grendell:

Grendell has a penchant for overplaying his hand. He already has described the prisoner work program at the governor’s residence as ”Club Med,” a colorful exaggeration, to say the least. No question, the program ”veered off-course,” as the inspector general put it. Now Grendell must take care not to lose sight of first purposes. He may reason that he must ask Collins-Taylor ”to waive, in writing, any immunity that might accrue from testifying before the committee.” The request also highlighted the baggage Grendell carries: He has been a legislative bully.

The editorial then goes on to claim that Thomas Charles’ report is credible, with no mention of the publicly reported numerous flaws in it, because he was “an independent set of eyes”  apparently ignoring that Charles himself has conceded publicly that he had a conflict of interest in conducting this “independent” investigation.

But the ABJ is correct to be concerned about Grendell.  He’s shown a complete and utter lack of objectivity, nor has he shown any concern that his committee heard perjured testimony in his pursuit to use his committee post to score political points.  In fact, he openly invited such perjury.

What a legislative circus we shall see on Columbus square tomorrow.