From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In case you wondered what might have been, the Youngstown Vindicator indicates who was there today to meet the President of the United States in a speech…. about jobs… in Youngstown.

Waiting for him to enter the plant were dignitaries including Strickland, U.S. Reps. Tim Ryan, John Boccieri and Charlie Wilson, Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams, Girard Mayor James Melfi, and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.

As Tim noted earlier today, Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, for the second time in recent Presidential visits was a no-show.

According to the Plain Dealer:

Fisher “had private meetings” and “couldn’t […]

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So they’ve announced a Call to Action on Facebook to lobby Republican members of the Senate to support Cathy Collins-Taylor:

We cannot let the distinguished career of a law enforcement officer, mother and administrator be besmirched by a sloppy investigative report and a partisan, political hearing with a predetermined outcome. We must make our voice heard!

We need you to call the Senators below and tell them that you:

1. Support the confirmation of Cathy Collins-Taylor as the Director of ODPS
2. Oppose the Republican effort to politicize her hearings

Senator Tim Grendell – (614) 644-7718
Senator Jim […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer provides the first published comments by Acting Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor the day before her confirmation hearing:

“I’d like to think I’m going to get a fair hearing,” Collins-Taylor said Tuesday. “I don’t have a whole lot of confidence based upon past hearings and the antics leading into this week.”

[On the I.G.’s report which has been widely criticized as containing a number of obvious and embarrassing errors and flat out ignoring evidence that did not confirm its conclusions]

“I’m appalled. I’m offended. And I would call the report an opinion. That’s all […]

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A little late, folks.

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the House Democrats will announce today legislation “that specifies when the inspector general must recuse himself from investigations. Some critics have pointed out Charles? connection to the Ohio Highway Patrol ? his wife, Bridgette, is a patrol captain and he had recommended her boss for the superintendent’s job.”

Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro has come out publicly to support the confirmation of Kathy Collins-Taylor as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. 

?Information reported by the media has raised troubling questions about whether the findings of […]

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The first time it was in his own back yard in Shaker Hts.? Now, it’s as our nominee for US Senate.?? Awesome.

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In 2007, newly minted State Auditor Mary Taylor broke a Republican taboo, she finally reported how White Hat Management gamed the “for-profit” charter schools system by engaging in “abusive business practices” like, paying board members multiple times for one meeting, etc.

After today’s published reports over a number of charter schools filing suit challenging the constitutionality of a statute that gives companies like White Hat Management the legal right to replace a charter school board that votes to end its contract and seize the schools’ textbooks and classroom equipment, ProgressOhio is asking for Attorney General Richard […]

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The Akron Beacon Journal editorial board has not entirely weened itself off the Kool-Aid Thomas Charles has been peddling in the so-called “Troopergate” matter, but they’re still able to recognize the fundamental problems with the confirmation process as demanded by Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee Chairman Timothy Grendell:

Grendell has a penchant for overplaying his hand. He already has described the prisoner work program at the governor’s residence as ”Club Med,” a colorful exaggeration, to say the least. No question, the program ”veered off-course,” as the inspector general put it. Now Grendell must take care not to lose […]

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It’s so on.

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Today, the Ohio Department of Public Safety released a report that demonstrates how the Inspector General ignored evidence and misrepresented others in Thomas Charles attempt to allege, without evidence and despite clear evidence to the contrary, that the tobacco sting at the Governor’s Mansion was scaled back due to political considerations.

The report is like a greatest hits of the criticism of the report, but also includes new points that haven’t been addressed.? The report breaks out the response into three areas: The misrepresentated evidence, the ignored evidence, and the evidence of a predetermined outcome.

The Misrepresented Evidence


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