Wow, this is a horrible lede to a Columbus Dispatch blog post:

Richard Cordray, ever the opportunist, smelled blood.

Of course, this appears to be the words of Marc Dann:

Cordray, a fellow Democrat and the state treasurer at the time, was preparing to take on Dann for his job in the 2010 Democratic primary, Dann said in an interview he granted to investigators April 27 as part of the criminal investigation of the former attorney general. Dann disclosed Cordray’s aspirations while discussing his own political operation, which got Dann into legal trouble.

Dann said he worked assiduously to lock down support from Democrats and law-enforcement officials to deter Cordray from challenging him.

Dann said his political operation was focused on “building friendships and relationships so that if I were to have a primary challenge in 2010, … I would be able to call in those chips and Rich wouldn’t be able to run against me.”

As we all know, Marc Dann’s plan to fend off Richard Cordray had one fatal flaw: Marc Dann’s politically self-destructive behavior.

I have to admit, all this time I thought Marc Dann acted like a one-termer because of how he squeaked by Betty Montgomery, so I thought he figured he’d have a big GOP target on his back.  I cannot imagine it had anything to do with a potential challenge from within.

Had Marc Dann run an effective office, and not behaved like modern-day Caligula, I think Dann wouldn’t have had to worry about a Richard Cordray primary challenge as I cannot imagine that ODP and grassroots Democrats would have embraced a primary challenge by Cordray as opposed to having both run for re-election.

The irony is that Dann’s paranoia and defeatism sped up that which he was trying to avoid.

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