I am still in a state of total shock about the Cavs, so don’t even ask.? However, Akron has given the Ohio blogosphere one of its finest voices on the left, and after an extended on and off absence, it appears Pho is back, and swinging for the fences, as usual.

But more fundamentally than that, if GM hadn’t made the “deal with Uncle Sam” Renacci would have lost his franchise anyway because?there wouldn’t be a GM any more. The choice wasn’t between a bailout and running the company a different way, it was between a bailout and no more GM….

Finally Renacci’s little snit goes against his whole campaign theme. In his latest KNR ads he avers that when times are tough, you have to tighten your belt. Well, if GM is going to tighten its belt, it needs to shed some tonnage. Belt tightening isn’t as much fun to talk about when you are the fat that gets trimmed, eh Jim?

The prancing parade of parasitic hypocrites known as bailed out GOP car salesman candidates for Congress will be a gift that keeps on giving all summer.? Can’t wait to hear Pho’s take on Tom Ganley, who, as we have seen, is merely the most high priest of this mutant strain.? But there are many.? And thanks to Pho’s return, we have another voice to remind the world just how titanic their hypocrisy is.

Welcome back, Scott.

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