In his latest State of the State address Governor Strickland proposed a bunch of stuff to help create jobs in Ohio including asking “the legislature to erase Ohio’s tangible personal property tax on generation for wind and solar facilities.”

Green energy has been a big part of the Governor’s agenda since taking office and it’s no surprise that he’s still pushing this as part of his latest agenda.

It is, however, a big surprise that some Republican State Senators actually listened to and agree with the Governor.

Sen. Chris Widener introduced a bill (S.B. 232) less than a month after the Governor’s speech and this bill does exactly what the Governor requested. It “provides an exemption from real and tangible personal property taxes and assessments for an exempt energy air quality facility.”

A bill to help bring jobs to Ohio by giving tax breaks for green businesses? Introduced and sponsored by Republicans?

Seems like the perfect bill for a divided State Senate to rally behind.

So why has it been sitting dormant since late February?

This bill was co-sponsored by Ohio’s rising Republican star Shannon Jones. And its content is pretty much word-for-word what the Democratic Governor said during his state of the state speech.

It doesn’t get much more bipartisan than that.

Isn’t this the perfect piece of legislation for Ohio’s Senators to pursue to prove that Ohio’s legislature can and will work together with their counterparts across the aisle to solve Ohio’s energy and employement problems?

While Kasich’s unofficial carpetblogger whines about Strickland’s green energy strategy, some insightful Ohio senators have recognized the potential of this strategy and have introduced legislation to help promote it.

I guess the big question is: are the rest of Ohio’s Republicans seriously interested in helping to solve our state’s employment problems by supporting green energy? or are they willing to throw our small businesses and our working class citizens under the bus just so they can make the Governor look bad?