Very busy, and about to go abroad for a week on work, which means I’ll be totally offline for a bit.? But I’ve been paying attention, and there’s a little something about Ted Strickland’s campaign I need to get off my chest.

There’ve been murmurs here and there, that this whole Lehman Brothers, Fox News line of attack on John Kasich is somehow unwise.? That to attack Kasich on Lehman is…er….lame.? And that to attack Kasich on his association with Fox News is just silly.? And that somehow, it equates to “negative” campaigning.


Kasich worked at Lehman, at a very high level, during precisely the period Lehman was laying the seeds that would lead to the cataclysmic explosion of the entire world economy.? I’m sorry, but that’s fucking relevant folks.? If Ted Strickland utters “Lehman” every single time he utters “Kasich”, I will applaud.

Same goes for Fox News.? Because Kasich was paid ridiculous amounts to spout his mouth off while collecting even more ridiculous amounts from Lehman, there is going to be plenty of evidence, on tape, of John Kasich tying himself with his own words to the policies and politics that created this cataclysmic economic collapse.

Why do these two things matter?? Because Republicans want to blame Ted’s one term, a single term as governor of Ohio, for the metaphysical economic catastrophe Republicans’ decades of slavery to ideology has created.? Well, fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

For Ted Strickland to win re-election, Ohio needs to be a Waterloo for those economic policies.? Ohio has been paying for Republican slavery to to a proven failed ideology with our jobs, our lives, our pensions, our education, even with the loss of our population, for decades.? Ted should feel humbled.? Ted Strickland has the profound honor of being on the front line of our country’s rejection of the ideology that led to this country’s near complete meltdown.? Because for Ted to win in 2010, conservative Republican absolutist free market fetishist ideology has to be defeated, explicitly, by name, and by Ted himself.

John Kasich is the Platonic form of that failed ideology.? Kasich is a boiled down, concentrated resin of economic conservative Republicanism, he’s the Chronic.? Everything about John Kasich embodies the robotic stupidity that marched this country, indeed the entire world, right to the edge of an abyss.

I’m sorry, it is not negative campaigning to point this out, and voters know this.? The kind of negative campaigning that voters hate is the personal, irrelevant, gutter politics that Republicans are already trotting out to defend the record that John Kasich embodies.? So let them wallow in their Matt Naugle gutter narrative.? Fine.? It just proves how morally bankrupt they are, how utterly vapid their ideology has become, how little evidence exists to prove their ideology’s worth, and how much evidence lies in tatters all around us to prove their ideology a complete catastrophe.

So go get ’em, Ted.? Ohio, and the country, is counting on you.

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