As John Kasich and Mary Taylor tour the reddest of the red parts of Ohio (Ted Strickland will be in Butler County in a few weeks, in comparison), there is one awkward hint of irony after another.

First, the Kasich-Taylor team is supposed to be doing this to show their solidarity with the unemployed in Ohio.

However, they’re doing it in what the Toledo Blade calls a “luxurious” bus to Republicans who are… employed or married to folks who are gainfully employed.  What’s next, a yacht tour?

But as the “Negativity Express” makes it rounds, there’s something that happened yesterday that was just so ironic that you can almost ignore the fact that John Kasich is doing a poverty tour involving campaign selected Republican audiences in a pimped out luxury bus that would have made John Madden jealous.  This is not the Brunner express we’re talking about here.

But in story after story, Chairman Kasich’s responses to Governor Strickland’s speech yesterday was him bemoaning the “sad and pathetic” and “desperate” nature of Strickland criticizing Kasich’s record on a bus, specifically named to, and doing a bus tour, specifically named to solely to attack Governor Strickland’s record.

John Kasich can’t say that anything that Ted Strickland said was wrong or misleading.  Instead, he’s left doing interviews on the “Negativity Express” blasting Strickland for running a negative campaign in between stops in which John Kasich … goes out and bashes Ted Strickland.

It’s kind of remarkable that nobody has pointed out the irony of the context in which Kasich bemoaned Strickland’s speech yesterday.

Then again, maybe that bus is just too nice to point out such…. unpleasantness.  You don’t want someone to get the vapors, after all, they might spill their tea.

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