The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police have issued another statement about the so-called “Troopergate” scandal today on their website.  And their proposal is simple:  the State Senate should be investigating the Inspector General instead!

The FOP questions the credibility of the Inspector General?s report and reason for omissions.

The FOP would like the Senate to investigate why the Inspector General?s Office left important material out of the investigation and failed to account for the missing information in his investigative report. 

We feel that it is important that the Inspector General be thorough when he is investigating alleged wrongdoing.  The consequences of mistakes improperly cloud reputations and cost innocent people a great deal of time and money to straighten out the falsehoods and clear their reputations. 

If police agencies withhold evidence from the prosecutor or defendant, the accused will get his conviction overturned and the officers involved will be subject to civil rights lawsuits and disciplinary action.  This is the standard that law enforcement is held to and should be the same standard for the Inspector General when he is making such serious allegations.

There really isn’t any question that Charles’ report is riddled with flawed statements of law and factual conclusions that require ignoring a substantial body of contrary testimony and documentation.  There’s no question that Charles has admitted that he has a conflict of interest that he himself acknowledges compromised his objectivity, and yet, he’s still issuing press releases, granting media interviews, and next week will be testifying to try to push his reckless narrative.

The F.O.P. just put out there something I’ve been wondering for some time.  Should it be Charles, and not Cathy Collins-Taylor, that should really be worried about their job?

Charles can repeat how much confidence he has about his report all he wants, but he’s yet to explain the undeniable errors on facts and laws that fills his reports.

No serious prosecutor in their right mind would pursue criminal charges on the case Charles tries to spell out in his report.  It’s entirely laughable.